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The article ‘Grandma Charged in Girls Fatal Fall’ by Debbi Wilgoren and Allison Klein is about a crime involving a young girl of two and a half years old (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). According to the article, it is alleged that her grandmother, Dela Rosa, dropped her at the fifth flow of a mall causing fatal injuries to the girl, Angelyn Ogdoc. This resulted to the girl being taken at a critical condition to the hospital where she later died due to the injuries sustained in the fall (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). Based on the information provided about Dela Rosa, neighbors are extremely shocked with this development. This is because she used to love the child and was taking care of the girl occasionally. Additionally, the parent to the child used to leave their daughter with her grandmother on a weekly basis for baby-sitting (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). Currently, Dela Rosa is being held at prison where police are collecting evidence awaiting her date in the court.

The key individuals who are involved in this incident are the grandmother, Dela Rosa, and the young girl, Angelina Ogdoc, who died after sustaining injuries in the accident. The incident is between the two. According to the information provided by the article, Dela Rosa was taken into custody after being alleged to have dropped Ogdoc from the fifth floor of the mall. Secondly, Ogdoc was the one who was dropped sustaining fatal injuries that led her death in the hospital (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). For this reason, the two are the key individuals involved in the story. According to the case, the conflict that transpired to such an incident is not known. This is because Dela Rosa is a respectable woman in the society who provided care and love to Ogdoc (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). For this reason, the conflict may arise with the hidden agenda Dela Rosa is keeping to herself and the fact that the society believes that he cannot commit such a crime.

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The security agency that responded to this conflict was Fairfax County Police. Firstly, the Fairfax Police responded quickly to the incident, because it was a murder case. According to the Fairfax County Law, the police are supposed to respond to murder cases immediately. Secondly, the incident between Ogdoc and Dela Rosa happened in FairfaxCounty (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). Therefore, based on these facts and the article, Fairfax police were the first to respond to the incident to solve the situation. The first strategy that was used to solve the conflict is the use of the law where the police started listening to the different witnesses to find the source of the incident. In these processes, Fairfax police are gathering evidence (Sausser & Hendry, 2011). Moreover, Fairfax Police are also using medical reports for the doctor to come up with more evidence to find the underlying cause of the conflict.

According to the evidence the police gathered, Dela Rosa has a case to answer for killing her own granddaughter. In this case, police decided to take Dela Rosa to prison where she could wait for her judgment in court. However, in this strategy, it is not clearly known why Dela Rosa committed this crime despite the love and care she had been providing to the young girl for two and a half years (Wilgoren, D. & Klein, A., 2010). It is because of this reason, the court has found Dela Rosa guilty, and they have incarcerated her to wait for her sentencing. However, this resolution has been passed because of the evidence provided by the prosecution Wilgoren, D. & Klein, A., 2010). This was a negative solution. On the contrary, some people believe that this conflict could have been handled differently. In my opinion, the police could have searched for the motive for purposes of providing a fair trial diffusing the situation.

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