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Steroids are classified as natural and, in some cases, synthetic hormones that are used for the purpose of promoting cell growth and division. Steroids generally have two effects. The first is androgenic, that is the development of the male characteristic such as deepening of the voice and development of body hairs. The anabolic element affects the development and growth of muscle tissues. The first person to be awarded for his work on steroids was Adolph Winhaus in 1927; he got the award for work and eventual isolation of testosterone in 1935 (Fitness-world; Steroids 8).

Benefits of Steroid Usage

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Testosterone is originally counted as the responsible agent for fetal development of the male genitalia (Bernhard 3). Once the child is born, testosterone also enhances the development of bone muscle and sexual organ development. Some of the synthetic steroids are taken orally or injected for the improved performance of athletes. The obvious advantages include the enhancement of muscle growth and hasten the repair on straining that occurs on muscle tissue. For many decades, the medical community has acknowledged a very real link between the effectiveness of steroid in-take and the improvement of the body tone and athletic performance.

Effects of Steroid Use

Like most drugs, the continued use of steroids has side effects which depend on the amount taken as well as the duration of use. These side effects are what makes steroids dangerous, especially when some of them are from the black market and are also unregulated. Some of the initial side effects include acne, hair growth, and increased aggression. The heavy side effects start when the user stops taking the regular dosage. In some cases, they are liable to experience withdrawal symptoms that include depression, nausea, and irritability. The muscles tend to shrink, and the strength also declines from immediate withdrawal over the period of 6 to 12 weeks.

The scary thing about steroids is that while the studies have been done regarding the short-term effects of steroids, there is little known about the long-term effects.

Physical Effects

Even if it is only for a short time, steroids can produce all sorts of undesirable and dangerous physical ills. The muscles may increase along with the body fat; however, as one continues to use more steroids over time, there are increasing occurrences of muscle cramps and aching joints and nosebleeds. Similarly, the muscles might also swell to Herculean extents. The psychological effects include increased aggression in users, where their levels of irritability become twice higher than normal.

Steroids in Professional Sports & High School Athletics

Apparently, young people are quite susceptible to the fit and healthy images that they see on TV. However, by using steroids, they are, in fact, opposite to achieving overall wellbeing as well the fitness goals. Recent surveys have shown mixed reactions of people asked if they would take steroids to improve their performance to win an award such as the gold medal. This is quite alarming considering that people know most of the negative effects entailed in steroid use.

Recent reports of steroid use in major league baseball and the football league as well as the Olympics have initiated concern on a global level. This includes plans to provide legislation for new drug testing policies (Robert 1).


The discovery of steroids and the initial work done on them was for beneficial attributes aimed at developing human beings on a physical level. However, the inclusion of competition as a possible opportunity has made its use to be looked upon with scorn, because it represents cheaters and frauds who want to win at an unfair advantage.

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