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The morning of November 22, 2004, was the happiest and the most memorable day of my entire life. I was blessed with a son at LawrenceGeneralHospital at around 1:57 pm. After I gave birth, my husband entered the room where I was giving birth, and we had the following conversation:

Husband: Dear, is it a boy or a girl?

Me: It is a boy

Husband: Wow..! Finally, God had answered our prayers, I am proud of you dear.

Me: Thanks

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Descriptive Essay Sample about The Day My Son Was Born

My husband could not hide his joy when he saw the baby. Relatives and friends were also happy to welcome a newborn in the family and organized colorful celebrations with family members and friends to share the joy of having a baby boy. That day seemed promising; the weather was calm but chilly in Massachusetts where I lived. However, the weather was good to welcome my newborn to the world; little did I know that the same day marked the emergence of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, which was a rising nation.

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine

November 22, 2004, was a day when the results of presidential elections were released in Ukraine amid tensions since people viewed that election as unfair. At 3 pm the same day, a series of protests organized by the opposition leaders started in all major cities in Ukraine to oppose the outcome of presidential elections. These protests were dubbed the Orange Revolution and signified the rise of a nation.

The outbreak of the Orange Revolution was caused by people’s belief that presidential elections were marred with electoral fraud, massive voter intimidation, and corruption. This was the first time when I saw such large crowds protesting against the government. The capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, was the focal point of those protests; thousands of people moved to streets forcing all businesses to be shut down.

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The aftermath of those elections comprised of adverse effects since the demonstrations spread in all parts of the country. A series of general strikes and civil disobedience were experienced during this period since people believed that the run-off elections were not free and fair. I followed the series of invents in Ukraine carefully since I had friends working there, and I worried about their safety.

According to them, that revolution compromised the safety and health of many children since those protests made it extremely hard for mothers to access basic needs such as food, healthcare, and other basic amenities for their children because they feared that war would erupt between the opposing movements and government forces as well as supporters.

Definitely, this was not the type of environment that a parent would love his/her child to grow in because, to my mind, the provision of a healthy and safe environment to a child is the most paramount duty of a parent. Although my friends had relocated from the United States of America to Ukraine due to job reasons, they were ready to give up their jobs at the expense of their children’s health and safety. Although the revolution ended after Yushchenko was declared the President of Ukraine, I remember the suffering that my friends experienced as they tried to provide safety to their children.

This period will always be memorable throughout my life because I learned about the problems that mothers go through as a result of political instability in a rising country. According to my experience during that period, it is clear that people who suffer the most during the political crisis are mothers and children. The saddest thing is that such political unrest prevents mothers from accessing healthcare for their children. In addition, I was able to comprehend that the rising of a nation is not an easy task for both the government and those who push for the change. In addition, mothers and children experience hard times during the rising of a nation since there is a likelihood of war that can hamper the health and safety of both women and children.

The Day My Son Was Born Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, giving birth to a son was my great happiness, because my husband always prayed to God to give us a son. Therefore, by getting a boy, I really felt that I satisfied my husband’s desire, thus giving him a reason to be happy. This was vital to my life since I am always dedicating all my efforts to ensure my husband is always happy because he is so loving and good to me.

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