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Marihuana is a narcotic substance which is produced from the plant called Cannabis. It causes psychoactive effects. .According to the reports of the United Nations, 158,8 million people in the world use marihuana. It is more than 3,8 % of the population of the planet.

More than 94 million Americans admitted that they tried marihuana at least once. In the USA, according to the national survey on drug use and health care, which was carried out in 2010, 2,1 million people tried marihuana for the first time and 6.7 % of teenagers from 12 to 17 used marihuana.

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According to the U.S. government statistics, the production of marihuana increased in ten times for the last 25 years: from 1000 to 10 000 tons. It is not surprising that 58 % of teenagers at the age from 12 till 17 say that it is possible to get a jamb. In 2010, Marihuana smokers spent about ten and a half billion dollars for purchase of this drug in the USA. In 2010, 242 200 people called the ambulance service in the USA because of the abuse of marihuana.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), test results affirmed that a considerable percentage of the detained for offenses or crimes used Marihuana.

Among the adult age group (from 26 years old and older), who started to take marihuana till 15 years old, 62 % used cocaine sooner or later; 9 % took heroin even once in their life; 54 % used forbidden psychotropic preparations.

Marihuana is the second most widespread (after alcohol) substance which is found in blood of the drivers who have been involved in car accidents.

One of the most widespread behavioral effects of the Marihuana use is a decrease in a psychomotor activity. This effect is defined only by the size of a dose the more drugs you take, the more effects of it you get. So, for example, musculoskeletal system disorder manifests itself through general calmness and slackness. However smoking marihuana causes fluent speech, a predisposition to detailed conversations and towards garrulity. Such effects can be observed only at an initial stage of smoking, causing a strong excitement. The feeling of orderliness and relaxation follows after it. But after a while, such smokers surely pass to a slackness stage. All their feelings become aggravated. The researches showed that the sensitivity to touches of Marihuana smokers raise after the marihuana use; senses of sight, hearing and smell become much more acute. And some other researches showed that feeling of pain go down after smoking.

The researches also showed that the delinquents abusing marijuana observed the feeling of a relaxation with accompanying musculoskeletal system disorder as well as a sharp deterioration in some areas of a psychomotor perception. Dysfunction of a motor coordination, a perception of external impulses and an ability of supervision over external objects were shown. Certainly, these factors depend on the size of an accepted dose. They are likely to affect an ability of a person to drive vehicles after marihuana smoking.

Delinquents abusing marijuana make offenses aiming to earn money for the next dose. Criminals quite often break the law under the influence of drugs. And the majority of them use marihuana.

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