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We are presently searching a permanent Administrative Assistant who is a sociable, active, and business-intelligent person to help our Personnel. 

The model Applicant will comprise 2 to 4 years office practice and is required to possess strong administrative and procedural expertise involving Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Access.

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Position Overview

This job vacancy is created for adult plan facilitating the operations of the staffing team, and on the whole, the adult plan through helping with managerial duties pertinent to the scheme’s effective implementation.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The applicant must be able to:

Execute office and directorial tasks as, data entry, file organization, and arrangement of emails to maintain the department advertising and employment procedure

Execute trainee staffing procedures by establishing phone interaction with applicants to respond to basic questions, plan appointments, and other associated records

Collect, produce, and allocates messages and details to employees effectively and appropriately. This might involve the execution of reasonably complex computations necessary for marketing reimbursement reports to employees every week

Help with sorting and preserving stock for all faculty material under predetermined faculty rules


A minimum of 3 years of university level education

Two or three years of practice as a customer service representative is a preference

Should be capable of giving attention to facts

Should be autonomous and up to undertake necessary supplementary duties

Should be able to work under pressure and manage several assignments effectively and efficiently

Should comprise adequate and strong interpersonal communication proficiencies to help internally and externally with clients’ requests, appointments, and standard procedures

Must be excellent with all applications of Microsoft office and specifically Excel and Outlook


To effectively carry out the occupation, an applicant should exhibit the following skills:

Interactions - Articulates thoughts and opinion, oral and written. Comprise high-quality listening and understanding abilities. Exploits relevant communication methods

Reliability – Reacts proactively to requests and service inquiries, responds to orders and managerial assessments, and takes accountability for own attitudes

Job Understanding - Skilled in requisite profession tasks, and exhibits a high aptitude to acquiring and implementing new methods, and effectively employs resources

Judgment - Shows readiness to issue assessments and decisions

Organization Support – Abides by regulations and measures, and stands behind institute's objectives and values

Planning & Organization – Organizes and tackles issue in order of significance and priority, efficiently incorporates change, and create goals and objectives.

Illegal Questions that should not be asked

  1. What is your ethnicity?

It is unlawful for a manager to inquire about about race or ethnicity, except if look is a "bona fide occupational qualification" (BFOQ).

  1. What is your original nationality?

The HR cannot inquire if a person is a U.S. citizen or where his place of birth is. Only if a business case can be offered, a firm can't indicate that English be the only job’s single spoken language.

  1. What is your maiden name?

The HR can't single out according to sexual characteristics or marital standing.

  1. How old are you?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) preserves individuals who are more than 40 years old, who work in big firms, from service inequity. Only on exceptional occurrences when it can be determined that age is a BFOQ, employers might indicate an age scale for a status.

  1. Do you have any disability?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a recruiter cannot differentiate against a competent applicant who is with special needs, and should initiate "reasonable accommodations" for bodily or psychologically disabled workers (Fielder, 2004).

  1. What is your religious conviction?

There is no cause for a manager to inquire about a person’s faith.

  1. Have you ever been to prison?

A person is innocent until confirmed accountable; as a result, it is unlawful for HR to inquire about any detention.

  1. What kind of military discharge did you receive?

A recruiter might not inquire if a person had an honorable or dishonorable release.

  1. Have you ever gone bankrupt?

Inquiries regarding an individual’s financial standing are inaccessible.

  1. Are you a member of any party?

It's improper for an employer to inquire if a person is associated with any group, party or organization (Becker, 1971).

Legal questions that can be asked

Tell me more about yourself

What are your main strengths?

What are your weak points?

Why did you depart your previous job, if any?

Why did you seek this occupation?

Acquaint me with an intricate situation at work and how did you approach it

Acquaint me with an accomplishment of which you are proud

What are your vocation objectives?

What are your income anticipations?

What do you know about our company?

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