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Free Example of Development of the World Essay

Nowadays world revolves faster and faster daily, using new ideas and facts to develop and self-improve. I believe people should follow the same pattern, even they progressive movement would be only one step a day. As long as we do not stay in the same place and do not go back, we are going forward to the future. Such constant development demands a lot of hard work, self dedication and trust in you.

I believe my generation is of charge of the future of our and next generations. Thus, we are the one who have to make sure the world will be preserved and even made better for the future generations. A good way to do this is to be environmentally aware. I believe I am the one who can be called a real ecological fighter. Due to the numerous movements from one city and country to another during all of my life I did get a chance to observe the way people treat the environment in different places. Not only did I collect the diverse data, but analyzed it and compared to what I have known so far. Studying foreign languages, including English and Turkish, opened the world in the new aspects, as along with learning the language you learn the culture and lifestyle of the country and the people speaking this language. Being an open-minded person, I had and realized the intentions to develop myself globally. Outstanding academic achievements and real leadership spirit allowed me to earn the national scholarship “Bolashak”, allowing me to study abroad, developing my skills and improving the knowledge in the area.

I believe possession of the good knowledge is the key, but not the most essential factor is a succession as a professional and becoming a good leader. Earning a degree and becoming an environmental expert would allow me to return to my country and work for the sake of its future development and wellbeing. I wish to become a good leader, taking charge of important posts and teaching others how to make our native country prosperous and world-known for its clean environment and young wise leaders.

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