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One World Adoption Services is an internationally recognized organization whose aim is to serve abandoned or orphaned children. The organization handles contemporary global domestic problems arising because of war. The organization handles the adoption process diligently with transparency. Besides, the organization deals with international domestic problems such as special needs adoption, unplanned pregnancy, home study services and adoption financing. The One World Adoption Services organization renders its services in various nations all over the world.  One World Adoption Services works in war torn nations to facilitate reunion of children separated from their parents during war.  Besides, the organization facilitates adoption of children whose parents were killed during war.One World Adoption Services plays a lead role in reuniting separated families torn a part by war.  The organization is vital in handling international domestic problems. It is troubling that Global organizations have failed to enhance domestic cohesion as war separates families for years. However, One World Adoption Services is an organization that has taken up the initiative to facilitate family reunion and adoption of children who have no families. Besides, the organization takes care of women with unplanned pregnancies by offering food and medical services. The home study services rendered by the organization help in creation of literacy within grown up and children in war torn areas where school going is impossible. The article is relevant to our reading because it handles an international need that is yet to be resolved by nations. The article highlights an international crisis faced by numerous children because of war. Besides, it is important to understand the challenges faced by human being with special needs when a country is torn by war.  It is troubling to see the leadership inadequacy in solving national domestic problems. 

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