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Let me introduce myself and get you acquainted with my life. My name is Dan. I am seventeen years old, and I am a student of the college.

Dream Speech Example

Some people see me as careful, sensible, cautious, and practical person. Most of them consider me as intelligent, talented or gifted, but modest. I am not a girl who finds friends too easily, but the one who is extremely faithful and who would like to get the same faithfulness in return. Those people who really get to know me understand that it takes a lot to undermine my trust in friends, but equally, I need a lot of time to get over it in case the trust is shaken.

Others see me as charming, fresh, amusing, lively, and always interesting girl. Actually, I am a person who always tries to be in the center of attention, but at the same time, I am quite well-balanced. They see me also as understanding, kind and considerate person, who will cheer up people around or help them out.

At this period of my life, I am always busy with something. Staying active, making plans, getting something done is exactly what my lifestyle consists of. My family and friends enjoy when I always come up with cool adventures and ideas. My holidays are usually full of activities, and I know how to spend a wonderful time even when the weather is not suitable. As I am a very active person, I may get furious when things slow down. However, I know I must take it easy and schedule some hours for relaxing.

I lead quite a healthy life. I do a lot of exercises, but I do not have a balanced diet. Thus, I am planning to improve my diet and have a healthier lifestyle.

Talking about foods, I love milk, so I always have cereal for breakfast with lots of milk in it. I do not have lunch at college and usually buy it by myself. If I go to the café near the college, I have a milkshake. Chocolate is my favorite flavor. However, chocolate is not very useful, compared to milk. After studying I have dinner with my parents. My older sister usually prepares dinner for the whole family.

As I have mentioned before, my diet is not very balanced. I hardly ever eat fruit or green vegetables. I usually eat them once a month and only because my mother makes me do it. My favorite foods are chips, burgers and sausages. I usually sleep from six to eight hours every night. Most often I go to bed at eleven o’clock and get up at seven o’clock every morning. My mother thinks I need more sleep, but I have never fallen asleep at college.

As for sports, I play it and take exercise every day. Moreover, I go swimming with my brother once or twice a week and often play basketball with my friends.

Talking about my leisure, I spend two or three hours a day watching TV or videos. I usually watch TV for an hour before I go to the college and for a couple of hours in the evening.

Mathematics is my best subject at college and I like to work with my computer. I think that in the future I will probably write a software program and become a millionaire! When I graduate from the college, I will become an inventor and have my own company with lots of people working for me. I dream to become rich and important to the society.

Probably, I will continue to live with my parents when I graduate from the college. However, soon I will buy a big house, so all my family could live together. My grandparents will live with us too, because they will be old and need a special care. Unfortunately, I will not be able to help about the house, because I will simply have no time. My mother will cook and clean for me.


As for my personal life, I want to get married at 21. I will have a big fancy wedding and invite lots of people. Furthermore, I will marry someone famous, for example a footballer from Manchester United. I would like to have many children and a big happy family. Thus, I have to take enough efforts first to make all these dreams come true!

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