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Since regular clothing could not really fit the dress days we had, I decided to be the most original of all the students and picked the best combination of clothing that I could get. My overall image turned out to be a little bit shocking to a lot of people who happened to see me that day. So, let me describe myself.

I decided to combine a few images of different people. Firstly, I found a nice white shirt with high collar, which could be an attribute of a singer or any famous person. I decided that regular pants will not do any good, so my choice fell on the leather pants, like the ones worn by people of art or scenic performers, who tend to be going out of the crowd. I really liked the idea of contributing something from the image of the professional killer to my outfit, so I took a black cap with nothing written on it, followed by the sunglasses. I realized my image would be rather contradictory, not scary, and rather funny for everyone who will see me. I decided to add something else to my image, so I have borrowed a black leather belt from a friend of mine. There was nothing special about it, except for the fact it had a big skull depicted on its buckle. It was really scary looking, especially for the girls who were looking at it.

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Finalizing my image, I put a light leather jacket on. It made me look like a biker or a rock singer, with the scary belt buckle and ordinary hat. Clothed this way, I could resemble a weird rock music performer, a little freaky serial killer or just a weird guy, combining elements of clothing that usually do not go even close together. The best thing about it was that I liked my own image and it made people act differently after seeing me.

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