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A drug is a substance operating on human mentality which dulls pain and/or brings pleasure to the narcoconsumer. Since ancient times drugs have been known practically in all world civilizations: in the Ancient Egypt, in Babylon, in the Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, India, China and even in the Far North. The substances, possessing narcotic properties, were consumed, as a rule, in the natural form. The nineteenth century began a mass consumption of the concentrated drugs. In the first decade morphine was received in a natural form, in the second half of century – cocaine, and in 1874, heroin was allocated from morphine. All these substances were originally used as drugs, they were advertized by various companies that pushed to their wide circulation.

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In the article Drugs Gore Vidal makes a proposal argument in favor of drugs legalizing. He thinks that it will be possible to stop drug addiction by making all drugs available and cheap. He proposes to label all the drugs with descriptions which explain what effect – good or bad – this drug will cause on the person who takes it. He also provides a set of reasoning for legalizing drugs not to give an opportunity for the mafia to make a profit on it. In his article he compares drug addiction with alcoholism and affirms that all people can get alcoholic drinks but not all of them start to be alcoholics.  

I completely agree with him as drugs are the most favorable type of business on a planet. Neither oil nor prostitution can be compared to them. Profitability of the Narco Auction makes thousands percent! So, neither punishments nor death penalty will solve the problem: there will always be the people, ready to risk for such fantastic sums of money. In many countries criminals are executed, hung up for sale and storage of drugs – and these methods do not help. Moreover, drug traffic grows in the countries where criminals are executed for drugs. Why? Because it is profitable. And why is it profitable? Because it is forbidden. If we make so that any drug can be bought in a drugstore cheaply, thereby the mafia will be able to gain from it nothing, it will be impossible to earn on it. Gore Vidal is absolutely right because the legalization of drugs will help to lower the crime rate, connected with narcobusiness.

Marihuana, as many experts note, can cause no trouble in general. And it, of course, needs to be legalized. Cigarettes, in my opinion, are much more dangerous murderers than marihuana. Annually in the world hundreds of thousands people die of them (Benjamin 4).

Marihuana and its preparations are successfully used for improvement of conditions of cancer and AIDS patients. It is also used in medicine in the fight against sickliness caused by anticarcinogenic preparations; this substance for this purpose is approved by the American Administration of food and medicines. In some countries (for example, in Holland and Canada) marihuana is used as a medicine for cancer patients as antiemetic therapy applied at the chemotherapy. The preliminary researches showed that tetrahydrocannabinol – the main psychoactive marijuana component – breaks cells of activity, causing the damage of neurons of a brain. The California Medical Association promoted for legalization and regulation of marihuana turnover in the USA. The president of this Association, James Hay, noted that the legislation, existing in the USA, puts doctors in an uncomfortable position. “Decriminalization (in California) concerns the medical use of marihuana; if the doctor recommends it to the patient, thereby he/she will break the federal law. It is a big risk”, – he declared to the ABC agency. By the way, the idea of the marihuana legalization is supported exactly by 50 % of Americans now. 46 % of them oppose its legalization■

But I go further than the Dutch government; I consider, it is necessary to legalize not only marihuana but all the drugs. Certainly, the drug mafia will resist it furiously. They have a lot of money and they will be ready to do anything not to lose the profits, they will be the most active opponents of drug legalization – they will buy politicians, public figures, publicists. All their money is made on this ban.

“Hey, guy, take some drugs, free of charge, have a smoke, inject them …”. And when the person got used to, the “counter is turned on”: now pay, it costs a great deal of money, it is impossible to be injected for free … (Cromer n. p.) Having legalized drugs, we will avoid a similar situation, respectively, and there will be less drug addicts. It is a simple economy: if the increasing number of consumers is favorable to nobody, respectively, its number will not grow any more. It is also necessary to conduct a mass anti-narcotic promotion – in mass media, at schools.

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Let us remember a bitter lesson of the dry law in the United States. The attempt to forbid alcohol did not cancel, certainly, the need for it. Only now the state and legal business, not the mafia, began to satisfy this requirement. The prices grew inevitably. And the state, instead of receiving money from the alcohol sale in the budget taxes, began to spend huge amount of budget money to fight against the mafia. It is a double loss. The well-known mafia, the organized crime in the USA, arose on this senseless ban of a traditional drug – alcohol.

Gore Vidal is an absolute opponent of drugs. He considers that it is necessary to fight against drugs in the cruelest way. And he does not see another way to win the mafia except the drug legalization. According to the opinion of the militia officials, they consider that a half of all crimes in the country are committed by addicts in search of money for a dose. In other words, if a sick person could buy the dose in a drugstore cheaply or even as a registered addict could receive it free of charge in a narcoclinic, half of the crimes could be avoided.

“The drugs ban does not happen – there is a transfer of the drug production by the state from legal producers to the mafia. And this transfer leads to the fact that is even more harmful – a deluted product is delivered to the markets (Benjamin 3)”. As for Holland, the experience of this country gives rise to the belief that the way of the drug legalization is positive. However, Holland is a tiny country with a small population. So, it is necessary to solve the drug problem on a global scale – it is the international business. It is only necessary to make this business unprofitable.

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