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Free Example of Effects of Technology Essay

New technologies are introduced to us almost daily but only some of them can leave a significant trail in the life of a nation. American society made a huge step forward with the beginning of an era of personal computers. Later on, with the spread of the Internet changes have become even more noticeable.

Introduction of computers has made lives of Americans much more dynamic and intense. They have gained popularity from the first days they were used. Their main advantage of simplifying people’s lives was at the same time their main function.  

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Computers have become an inseparable component of our everyday life. They are used both for business and leisure, i.e. the area of their influence is almost limitless. While used in business, computers help to increase profits, accelerate production, and improve quality. The use of computers for private matters needs a separate discussion due to its enormous importance.

Every single American household has at least one computer. It is often accompanied by more personal laptops including a variety of computer-derived state-of-art devices. Their existence makes lives of people totally different as a lot of commonly time-consuming issues can be solved in a matter of time with a single click of a mouse without leaving one’s home.

The overall effect of computerization on American society cannot be fully determined as new spheres of our life get computerized all the time and bring new changes. One conclusion may be done for sure – people are willingly accepting changes that take place and almost everybody remains satisfied with the new direction our society is moving in.

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