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Well structured questions will be structured for the purpose of interviewing the high school teachers. The questions will be able to evaluate the factors affecting the student choice of enrolling for the school to work program. The questions will also establish the efficiency of the school to work programmes from the teacherís perspective. The interview questions will be open ended giving the teacher an opportunity to give the best response.

The interviews will be validated to check whether the interview was conducted properly and the quality of the interview data. This will do through re-interviewing respondents soon after 10/% of the interview has been completed. For the assessment of the data quality the respondents will be required to confirm whether the interview took place, interviewing time and number of sessions taken. The questions that were answered most in the interview can be asked again to check if the data is consistent. The results of the re-interview will then be compared to those asked. The response variance and item reliability will be determined after comparison of the interview and the re-interview. Therefore the consistency and reliability of the data will be achieved.

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Consent and permission

Permission will be obtained from the relevant authorities such as school heads ahead of the pre-test and actual study.


A Pilot study will be conducted on ten students and five teachers in one of the high schools to pre-test the tools for effectiveness and reliability prior to the actual study. Where need be appropriate changes will be made on the tools after the pretesting.

Data Collection Process

Qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection were used. The tools of data collection were observation checklist and a questionnaire and interviews which will be used to survey the teachersí and studentsí knowledge, practice and attitude towards the school to work programs.

200 questionnaires will be administered to twelfth grade students in ten high schools. 20 respondents in each high school will be required to answer one questionnaire each. The selection of the twenty students will be done randomly.† Two teachers in each of the high schools will also respond to the comprehensive interviews.

Validation of the instruments will be carried out after completion of 10% of the questionnaires and after 20% of the interviews.

Data Management

Data collected will be handled confidently. It was then assembled at the end of each day and cross-checked for completeness. The information from the data was entered into a computer for storage at the end of each field activity. Data was entered into a computer, cleaned and analyzed using SPSS, and presented in form of pie charts, percentages, bar charts tables and graphs, with the task of interpretation, conclusion and recommendations being performed mainly on the basis of inferential data analysis.

Study Limitations

  1. Budgetary constrains confined the researcher to a small sample frame
  2. There was diminutive time that was available to carry out the study†
  3. On-going clinical placements
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