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Mis-en-scenne is phrase used to explain design aspect in a film production. It involves all elements of film production like: sets, actors, composition, lightning, prop, costumes and blocking. In the film gossip girl there are several main and minor characters because itís a series running from season one to five explaining the teen drama.

The real name of the characters include: Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Lily van der Woodsen, Vanessa Abrams, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald, Jenny Humphrey and Rufus Humphrey as main characters. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are executive producers, both assisted by Bob Levy and Leslie Morgnestein.

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Chuck Buss is renowned for his personal style, self-indulgent life and financial ambition. His self-indulgent life create a perception in his mind, he sees women as recreational tools when he frequently change women and even try to rape them like Selena and Jenny. He misses classes to smoke marijuana. His financial ambition is portrayed when he purchases a burlesque club, open up an Empire hotel and trying to manage the Buss industries in high standards as the father did. His personal style is shown by the type of hair style he maintains, the type of alcohol and use of his limousine frequently for his movement in town.

Blair Waldorf is known as an extreme girl. Her lifestyle is has both sensitive and snobbish side. Her extreme character first come out when she slept with Chuck in the car losing her virginity after she realize Nate no longer loves her. Her sensitive side of life is contributed by the fact that she is popularly Queen Bee. She frequently reconcile and break up with the people thought the movie series e.g. Serena in season one, three and four, Chuck most frequently thought the movie. Her sensitive lifestyle is shown by the social network of gossip girl that monitor her movements and every actions she takes e.g. she found a hard time in regaining her status in school because of the gossip.

Serena Van der Woodsen is portrayed as a character who has a complicated past. She slept with Blairís boyfriend Nate. Her brother Eric tries to commit suicide and the mother has had three husbands as still dating when she arrives from exile. She dates Dan and Rufus, she interact with Pete whom they take cocaine together but Pete get overdosed eventually death. In addition, she loses her cell phone from the date. Moreover, Selena tries to find his father eventually she succeeds but the mother is now diagnosed with cancer. She has feelings for both Nate and Dan, she had to decide whom she want to be with, when she kissed with Dan they end up breaking with Nate. In Columbia, a man takes her taxi making her to be late, several attempts to meet the professor fails because something always gets on their way making him annoyed about her. Her phone is used by Vanessa to send a message for sex advances by Selena which made her almost to be expelled.

Vanessa Abrams is portrayed as a gloomy or dark character. She constantly assist other characters in the play at the same time used it for her own benefit. E.g. the conversation between Blair and Chuck that she recorded might have ruined Blairís reputation but she kept the recorded tape conversation that made Blair to pay her rent for the whole year. She assist Serena create what Dan wanted for charismas. Moreover, she assists Dan with studying and gives a parental advice to Dan younger sister. Vanessa submission to assist Dan in raising his son and accept to move with him shows her dark character.

Dan Humphrey is portrayed as a lonely character. First he does not live with the mother who only comes to assist him through his sex life. In St. Judeís School for Boys he often gets ignored because of the law financial situation. The loneliness made him constantly thinks of Selena to an extent he could not complete the essay he had to submit. He gets furious when he discovers the cheating habit of Selena.

Nate Archibald is playing a role as a womanizer because in the play there are two women constantly fighting because of him. Selena and Blair friendship breaks up when Nate slept with Selena. Moreover, in season one Nate prefers Blair to Selena as compared to season two where he prefers Selena. He asked Blair to accompany him to debutante ball, at this points he admits that she misses her and want her back.

The lighting used in the movie making often has good resolution to make the viewers see more clearly and observantly of the scenes in the movie. When Blair and Selena had a double date with the prince and driver, Selena choses the golden type of dress that could match the golden color of the lights. When Blair had a date with Chuck he chooses lighting system mixed of different type of lights in the hotel Empire that created the environment for him to show Blair love. Moreover, in the limousine he shut down the openings on both sides, the darker light made them share a lovely time with Blair. Naturally, lights from several candles create a romantic environment for making love.

In season four, when Selena is denied a key for a room in Colombia, Blair accommodates her where she is given a room well finished. The color of the wall makes the room look glamorous when the lights are put on; it provoked a jovial mood to Selena just after she had a misunderstanding with Nate and Blair with Chuck. Moreover, the culture this film creates at this point is care for one another, even though Selena and Blair had a misunderstanding in the past, they still had a strong friendship bond.

Costumes tell us about time and place of the film. In a film making e.g. color gives properties of association. Comedy verses tragedy colors or mood. White color gives a cool mood while red color a romantic mood, black color often used for funerals thus gloomy mood. In addition, movement as an element of visual design can tell us more about the character. The quantity of movement should reflect the action and character of the play. Light movement is associated with light clothes as compared to heavy costumes. In addition, practical tools, costume designer tools are mostly constituted by fabric. It involves use of sewing machine and actors body to put them together.

Hair style and make up reveals a person ability to take care of something. A well-made hair and appropriate quality make up gives person self-confidence and self-image even in the film making them become attractive. It gives reveals a personís beauty hence enable the audience to love the film. A good hairstyle, costume and make assist actors to establish their character. These elements determine how actor sits, gesture and walk. The hairstyles determine his posture.

In conclusion, these elements work together in a related manner because they are part of each other. The scenes agree with this elements, the director of movies often relate these elements and accord them to the relevant actors. In my opinion, they are congruent.

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