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I have always enjoyed going outing with friends and close relative. However, though I had several dinner outings with my best boyfriends before, I had never attended one with the one whom I chose to be my eternal lover. It was early last year, during the eve of celebrating the end of the previous year and the usher of the New Year, when the thought of having an overnight dinner rang in my mind, which led to the scheduling of the event to be on the Easter holiday. I had great hopes that this would be the most unforgettable day of joy and happiness in my life. First, it was a day that would be graced by numerous friends celebrating their Easter holiday, together with glamorously first overnight dinner with my husband in the magnificent Rio hotel which is built at the center of the twinkling city of Las Vegas.

The sun of the day rose as usual and nothing seemed to impede the overnight dinner plans, which would last from dusk to dawn at Las Vegas. It was this very first overnight dinner and movie my eternal boyfriend, that the most embarrassing scene occurred. My very loving husband gave me nothing as gift of the day, he instead had nagging questions of the kind of gift that I needed as thought he was bankrupt to purchase the gift he knew I really loved. This was not much of worry since.

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I knew he heartily loved me, but my long stay from overnight dinners made everything look strange to me. While we had shared more than enough for our stomach and health, I fell on urgent need to empty the excess. When I got up to go to relief myself, I unfortunately missed direction and went to the menís restrooms. I had no alternative other than to turn back pressed which made me to rush helping rooms on the other side which I did know they were gentsí helping rooms. They shouted at me with deep voices that compelled me to stall for a few minutes.

I felt much ease when I saw the ladiesí rooms just adjacent to the gentsí rooms, but I could not reach them without passing in a corridor where two men stood by. While the mounted pressure was almost at unbearable point, I strolled passed the two men to the ladiesí rooms. In the rooms, I was amazed to find unique sinks, which unfortunately were also complex that I couldnít easily understand how they were being operated. Through try and error method, I had to press 12 switch buttons on the wall in alternating manner until one of them opened the sink cover.

I was mortified to a point that the body temperature rose above the normal, and my face was flushed. Immediately I downloaded the excess to the sink, I did not feel like wasting an extra minute at Rio Hotel. Without hesitation, I urged my husband to leave. On the way to our home, I recounted the entire happenings to him expecting a consolation from him, but as fan maker, I was mixed blessed, first humbled and also filled with laughter.

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