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Free Example of Entrepreneur Essay

Rebecca McCray is an entrepreneur, as well as a rancher in a small town in Oklahoma that employs five employees. As such, Rebecca shares multiple roles under the same hat. She is the owner of Allen’s retail Liquor as well as a marketing consultant. As such, she faces challenges that serve to strengthen her spirit.

Consequently, the entrepreneur experiences various challenges in her liquor store venture. There exist perceptions that liquor stores attract crimes such as burglary as well as shoplifting. On the other hand, as other factors play into these statistics, Rebecca takes all precautions in ensuring personal security as well as, employees’ security. As such, the customers are more confident when shopping in a store that feels safe. To counter this, Rebecca purchased adequate liability insurance for her investments. Tentatively, she advocates that the stores face economic challenges from restraints as well as drug stores.

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On the other hand, the liquor store success bases on incentives as well as an advertisement in order to attract higher profits. She maintains a website, advertise in local radios and support word of mouth. Advertising in websites forms a powerful marketing tool employed in building a mailing list for loyal customers. In retrospect to hiring, she hires people with the right attitude, train the employees with the right skills and pay the employees above the average.

The entrepreneur is of the idea that technology allows entrepreneurs to be more or less independent from the big cities. Small towns have potential for success. She cites a small time entrepreneur who employs five part time workers who sell merchandise of $16000 worth in a week.

Social sites outsourcing as well as, Globalization have affected the liquor business for the past five years she has been in business. As such, social sites are imperative in augmenting customer – seller relationship (Jessica 2009). Through customer interaction, she identifies weak areas that require improvements.

Rebecca hopes to continue converting her liquor store into a more experience and destination, even in the rural towns. As such, she thinks of smaller ways that serve to help her improve customer experience on an everyday basis.Tentatively, she hopes to revitalize her ranching business over the next ten years.

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