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Free Example of Ethical Dilemma Essay

In any profession individuals often face ethical dilemmas, which are supposed to be solved in a proper manner. In order to be successful in one`s job, it is important not only to be a good professional, but also to be aware how to solve problems or conflicts that may occur. Ethical dilemmas are inevitable while interacting with people. Therefore, employees and their leaders must find out the proper ways to resolve ethical dilemmas.

Ethical dilemmas deal with persons` moral principles and ethical obligations in terms of making a decision, which can be ethically acceptable. Moral principles are supposed to be ethical guides of individual`s behavior. Very often ethical dilemmas occur, because people do not know how to behave in certain situations. This can happen, because the future results are not known and it is complicated to predict which course of action may be right or wrong. In order to solve an ethical dilemma, it is important to be well aware of the ethical norms, rules and standards.  For example, in real estate appraisal profession, appraisers often face ethical dilemmas. A professional appraiser realizes that it is important to conduct business according to the norms of ethics. Real estate is a field, where people interact with people daily. If a person does not like people, he or she cannot work in this field. Very often real estate appraisers, preparing for negotiations between buyers and sellers, may face an ethical dilemma: whether to satisfy customers` demands or to conduct in such a way that would give higher profit to the company. On the one hand, an appraiser, who is working for a real estate company is supposed to achieve the company`s objectives and make as much money as it is possible. But, on the other hand, he realizes that if the customer is not satisfied with the services, he would never come again and that may influence the company`s reputation.

Thus, the worst part of the ethical dilemma is realizing that one can be involved in two unpleasant situations that must be properly solved. Negative consequences may occur, if a person has to compromise his moral or ethical principles. The real estate appraiser understands that he must conduct in order to improve the company`s growth and revenue. The clients usually demand for the truthful and fair information about the land or property they are going to buy or rent. There may be certain details that would not be favorable for customers, such as a bad location, environmental problems, or any other features that cannot be beneficial for the clients. Thus, the appraiser may be caught in an unpleasant situation, when he has to betray the company`s interests or give a false information to the clients. This is a well-known fact that not all services or products that are proposed in the market today are of high quality. To solve this ethical dilemma one must have a decision-making power to resolve an ethical issue effectively.

In order to cater clients with the best services and make contribution into the company`s wellbeing, an appraiser has to consider future consequences from varying perspectives. Throughout the career of a real estate appraiser one can see many ethical violations that may be rather challenging. It is obvious that this is unacceptable to manipulate transactions or even to conduct any intentional acts to do so. Otherwise, this could be harmful for the business and clients.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that, when facing an ethical dilemma, one should take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of taking actions or not doing so. Ethical dilemmas must be solved in accordance with moral principles and rules.

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