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Culture is norms, beliefs and values that are withheld within a given organization. For firefighters the firehouse culture is mostly passed on to the new firefighters on the first day that they report in the firehouse. Culture needs to be changed while developing a culture of safety in order to reduce or totally abolish deaths and the line of duty injuries. Mostly in the industries, safety is a crucial and continuous theme required to be adhered to at all cost. It is the duty of every industry or working place to be able to protect its workers while the workers also adhere to the safety precautions procedures. Safety culture stats with a safety and health program like the national fire protection association commonly referred to as the NFPA. The emergency service should consider safety as a way of life and be included in the on- duty and off-duty activities.

In the department of emergency services it is extremely crucial that the safety and health program be a reality not only to the department but to the hearts and heads of the employees. Fire service leaders have a prominent role to play as they are supposed to provide strong leadership and commitment in the safety and health program. Employees should have a platform to air their view on the safety and health program and also recommend ways of improving it. When the fire service leaders empower their employees, every firefighter becomes a safety officer and their education is made even easier.

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In the fire departments, health and safety is supposed to be well-understood and be a common practice to all. The fire station vision and mission should be in the forefront in advocating for safety. The departments’ core value statement should also be clearly stated with safety being the main idea behind the statement (Foley, 2003).

Personal and organizational ability is vital and need to be enhanced for health and safety. With the safety and health program in place, implementation is remarkably crucial from both parties. Both organizational and personal abilities are the key essence of working out the safety program and seeing the implementation. Each part should have the ability to practice what is under the health and safety program, and it should not be subjected just to only one party. Rules and policy are not made for employees only but also for the organization as a whole.

Individuals and organizations are tasked with roles and responsibilities in ensuring safety in the workplace and even when not working. It is the organizational role and responsibility to ensure health and safety of its employees at all cost. For this to happen, the organization should not work alone, the employee’s participation plays the key role in making it work. An employee is the key participant in ensuring his or her own safety and health, whether directly or indirectly. The employees are supposed to take part in identifying hazard and in the solving any problem related to the health and safety of everyone.

The organization role in encouraging safety and health includes leading through action. The managers and supervisor should lead by example, and they should first observe all procedures in the safety and health program. The organization should also encourage the involvement of employees in the safety program and decision making. When employees’ concerns are raised, the organization should be quick to listen and later respond in the best way possible, so as to solve the existing problem in a clear manner. The health and safety program should be a joint result from both the employee and the organization for easier implementation and awareness of what is contained in the program.

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