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Free Example of Foreclosures in Cleveland Ohio Essay

Goe, W, Richard. The Producer Services Sector and Development within the Deindustrializing Urban Community. Peer Reviewed Journal, 1994, Vol. 72(4), p. 971(39)

This article explores the growth and development made concerning the manufacturer’s advancements in metropolitan societies. The article goes on to evaluate on different facets experienced in both Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. These facets reveal that relationships exist between housing establishments with the amount of revenue created. There is also a relationship created between the establishments and both local and non-local trade. I will use this source because it uses sample statistics and is thus reliable.

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Rockefeller, D, John. “Slept Here” (History of Cleveland Ohio’s Euclid Avenue).Forbes Magazine, 1993, Vol. 152.Print.

This article expounds on the history of various home establishments within the Ohio vicinity. It continues to portray Euclid Avenue in Cleveland as the most fashionable street in America in 1800’s. The article also mentions some of the well-known investors such as Flager and Teagle who invested in the mansions and boulevards. I will use this article to put more emphasis on the vast level of investment.

Margulis, L, Harry. Predicting the Growth and Filtering of At-Risk Housing: Structure Ageing, Poverty and Redlining. 1998, Peer Reviewed Journal, Vol. 35(8)    

This article uses regression evaluation techniques to establish relationships existing between the condition of houses in Ohio in relation to race, poverty index and age structures. It further establishes the relationship existing between African-Americans and poor housing conditions. I will vehemently use this source to write the research because it unfolds through different relations created within the housing sector in Ohio.

State News Service. Daily Treasury Guidance for Tuesday.2011.Print This article examines the anticipations made by the president in relation to the ways through which small businesses can assist the investors in revaluing the values of the mansion once established in the region as a whole. I will use this source because it illustrates the level of investment that was made in the aforementioned region.

Myron, Magnet. How Business Bosses Saved a Sick City. (Cleveland, Ohio), Fortune Magazine, 1989, Vol. 119(7), p 106(5)

This article describes ways through which business owners tried to revalue the investments that were initially made and goes ahead to mention specific housing units that received full financial support altogether. I will use this source as a citation to my research paper since it illustrates on real case study and  subsequently, the facets deployed to restore the town altogether.

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