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Speech about Personal Writing Experience

Every day we have to deal with writing and composing in some way including various essays, research papers, and other tasks. I have been doing similar tasks for many years already, and now, I obtain my personal system and understanding of the writing process. In my opinion, one of the most impressive and really significant characteristics of composing is that it is a real discovery, and I unconsciously manage to discover something new about myself, some definite topic and my attitude to it. Writing is definitely a unique and rather complex process that requires a set of patterns and certain understanding.

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Moreover, when I was performing some of the tasks, I had to deal with various writing difficulties and obstacle. One of the biggest difficulties for me is the pressure during the writing process, like deadline, high expectations about the work, and some others. However, I must say that these aspects also serve a great motivation and help to get started easier. The main problem for me is to get started writing, to sort out the ideas, and have a clear scheme of the work in my mind. As soon as I have several first sentences written, it gives me confidence in what I am doing, and my writing flows smoothly. It is very important to have your own strategies and methods how to cope with anxiety. I always try to avoid unrealistic and too high expectations.

Teachers and parents always want to see the best results, and such pressure often serves as a real problem for me. However, luckily, my teachers and parents helped me understand that my work, efforts, and diligence are much more important than the mark I get. Moreover, sometimes, I experience such a problem as writer’s block, and it is very difficult for me to express clear and structured ideas. During the writing process, I also pay attention to my time schedule and I am usually inspired to write in the evening or in the early hours. This is the most productive time for me.

Besides, I try to make my work in portions and reread and edit the ideas later. Anyway, writing is a complex process that requires constant editing, assessment, and personal approach. In my opinion, it is absolutely wrong to write according to some widespread cliché or patterns or do it solely or primarily for the approval of readers. Writing is a certain discovery that should be unique, and it is recommended to project yourself into the role of the reader.


Writing can surely be called my passion, especially, when I cover my favorite topics, such as cars, video game reviews, and etc. I have my personal blog where I share my opinion with the other readers and regularly post various reviews concerning console and computer games, and also BMW. Moreover, I understand that my study will require me to write a great set of different assignments, and I am sure that this course will help me to better express my ideas and make my speech vivid and persuasive.

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