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Getting my hair done is a service that I believe is overpriced. I have my hair in sister-locks and donít comb my hair any more; I donít need a hair dresser anymore and go to a locktician every three to four months. Sister locks are really expensive to maintain and requires high maintenance. They also require a certified sister lock professional to twist new growth and initially sister locks are put into ones hair by using tools that are specially designed to put them from the scalp to the end. Sister locks are expensive and most people like them because they want the name and what comes with having sister locks, these people donít mind the cost.

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Starting locks and maintaining them is costly not just in terms of monetary value but also putting them on is time consuming. Most sister locks stylist charge three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars because it takes them eight to ten hours to attend one client. Retightening cost two hundred dollars and thus dear. Lockticians like being compensated well for their labor since it demands a lot of time and efforts to start dreadlocks. This even becomes more expensive with time since twisting new growth is even more expensive. If it takes eight to ten hours to start sister locks on someone with short hair maybe six inches, maintaining them with someone with long hair maybe twelve inches is more expensive and time consuming and for this reason I think that getting my hair done is high priced. The more hair one has the more dense it is and hence the more it will cost. Shorter hair is less costly and thus to maintain my sister locks demands of me to visit a locktician every two weeks which proves to be very expensive for me. If a locktician doesnít take into account the time and cost issue then the client doesnít have sister locks. Re- tightening sister locks is very wearisome and one can do a lot of damage to the hair if they do it on their own. One can take retightening class but they are also very expensive. Sister locks also need to be well dried and thus a minimum of one hour under the drier and sleeping on it to make sure itís dry. For all these reasons I believe getting my hair done is overpriced.

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