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I cannot say that I ever considered golf to be a worthy sport or sport at all, until I had the opportunity to try it. Golf is a highly psychological game which requires a great deal of concentration, patience, honesty, time, and responsibility. Moreover, golf teaches you to plan ahead, be creative and evaluative in your actions in order to work out a good speed to hit the ball into a hole as well as how to swing the club. I understood that if to practice golf oftener, the person could also develop the ability to understand and apply personal physical strength more aptly as well as to keep the emotions under control.

Frankly saying, several first minutes of my first time were one of the most tiresome I ever went through as the ball never wanted to enter the hole, and even the club did not move the way I intended it to. When the instructor described to me the process of holding and swinging the club, I would not even imagine that the slight, relaxed movement, the golf players make on TVs, is, in fact, so complicated and needs that much effort. I was upset and irritated with my failures, however, as I mentioned patience is a virtue in golf.

Golf is quite monotonous for the new players. After the hundredth hit with the club, the ball seemed to get blurry, and the concentration fails to do the job. However, exactly at this point, I needed to do my best to slow down (overtime you get more hasty in your efforts to score the ball), to assess the trajectory of the ball, the force of the club in my hands and become friends with my sharpened sense of responsibility which undermined my self-esteem greatly during the play. The thing is that in golf you are fully relied on yourself: If you make a mistake, you have no one to blame for it as well as no one will be able to take after you and correct your failure by scoring the ball. Finally, honesty seems to be integrally bound with this game. It is easy to go and substitute the ball if you play on large area, especially somewhere in the woods, therefore, you need to be honest with yourself and others and do not cheat even when the desire is strong. Golf is definitely the elite game.

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