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This is the national monument of the United States and is located on the edge of the Grand Canyon, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth; it is located on the Plateau of Colorado which is in northwestern Arizona. This monument was established by an act of Proclamation on January 11, 2000; the proclamation code is 7265. The park was created by what is referred in America as Antiquities Act; this is where the president reserves the right to make a proclamation of a national monument and is not subject to discussion or approval by the lawmakers. In the proclamation, the then president Bill Clinton declared that the area was not locked for use but rather it was protected from urban sprawl because of the potential it has as a monument for the country. In the proclamation, two other national monuments were also proclaimed, but is the Grand Canyon that is extensive of all. The monument is characterized by a wide array of open space which is not developed and has a hoist of scientific and historic resources. The location of this monument is remote and its management is jointly done by National Park Service (NPS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is amazing that there are no developed roads to the monument and has no frequent visitors; this could be attributed to the fact there is no initiative that is taken for the development of this monument. The monument covers 1,048,316 acres which is equivalent to 424,238 hectares; it has been widely said that this size is larger than the state of Rhode Island. The portion of the monument that is managed by BLM is 808,744 acres while that managed by NPS amounts to 208,447 acres; the later portion, managed by NPS was previously part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The monument also has some acres, 23,205 acres, which are under Arizona State Trust and lastly there is some portion which is considered as private land.

Most of the area have an elevation of between 6000’ to 7000’ and is capped with flows of basaltic nature and peaks that are volcanic which rise up to 8000’. The Grand Wash Cliffs and the mid elevation Sanup Plateau down to Grand Wash form and form one of America’s notable zones of transitions. It also encompasses long tracks of escarpments and desert eco-systems and also wild animals which are a rare species in most parts of the world.

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There are important features that make this monument important in the land of America. One of these features is the fact that it is located strategically in the border of Basin and Range and also The Colorado Plateau Geologic Provinces. It is also home to many wild animals; the features that are present in this area make it attractive. It has been argued that the monument can be made a refuge for endangered species. For this reason, it is valued for the wildlife and geography that it is able to accommodate. The Grand Canyon is has an interesting history due to the fact that there have been human activities which date back to the Spanish expeditions. The rare species can also be attributed to this. Though it is rarely visited, it has well developed and has tremendous value in the scenic value it offers. It has acted as a corridor for the species which are migrating.

The Grand Canyon supports 232 species of vegetations, and has a variety of fish species. The number of amphibians and reptiles is poorly recorded thus there are no clear number in disposal (Hardy, & Baldwin 81).  The number of bird species is 115 and 49 mammal species. For the animals which are considered to be rare and sensitive in their existence constitute greater than 5% of the total species found in the area.

For those people who have the guts to make the long walk to the monument, there are a lot of interesting and spectacular scenery and vistas. In terms of vegetation, the monument has desert flora which include Mohave and also pine trees. They are well suited for the vegetation. In terms of wild life, it has a beautiful collection of animals like the bighorn sheep, wild turkey, and different species, four to be specific, of rattlesnakes. The mule deer are found here as it is one of the prime areas where these animals do their hunting. The permits to get into this area are strictly limited and can only be obtained from Arizona Game and Fish Department (Repanshek 347). There are no strict requirements for someone to visit the area. The visitors need to get prepared in advance before they visit this area as the area can be dangerous given the fact that there are rugged terrains in the area. There are also animals with venom and can be dangerous to the visitors if caution is not taken. Before one visits this area, they are supposed to have stock of gasoline, food, and plenty of water to boot (Othniel 79). The vehicles recommended for use in this area are the high clearance vehicles and the owners should have at least two spare tires. The nearest food facility in this area is in St. George, in Utah. What is more, the fact that there are no first-aid facilities in the area is also another factor that should be put into consideration for the people planning to make a visit to the area.

The region, from an environmental perspective, is known to have frequent climate change and will therefore require that the visitors be prepared in advance before visiting the place. This trend has been going on for over 50000 years. It has been seen as a locus for the restoration of forests, springs and animals like desert bighorn, the antelope, and pronghorn to be specific. The road communication system in this area is not predictable. It thus requires the travelers to call before they travel so that they get the condition of the area before they move. The roads which are available are based on weather conditions.

The monument is also endowed with a collection of Paleozoic and Mesozoic rock layers; the beautiful arrangement of these rocks gives the monument a better viewpoint of the Colorado Plateau which beautifully lies ahead of the land. The lower side of the plateau is also part of the monument. It adds value to the already rich features that is presented by the monument. With the availability of the rocks clearly laid in place, there is a lot of adaptability for the desert animals which provides spectacular scenery for the visitors interested in these animals.

In conclusion, this area is expected to grow rapidly in terms of wildlife conservation. It is expected that the animal species that are living in the monument will be preserved given the fact that it is public that the area is reserved for national park activities. Most of the areas in the monument are not fit for human settlement. It is one of the reasons that it was ear-marked for proclamation. 

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