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When you have a degree, but it does not help you to obtain a desired job, you should start it all over and go for a new degree. I decided to follow this idea when I realized that my Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering is not what I was looking for. Based on a number of reasons I am going to explain further, I decided to change my choice to the medical path.

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My grandfather taught me how to be a good citizen and make the rest of the people respect you. I was shocked to learn he had cancer. This event helped me decide on the choice of my future career – medicine. Besides my own favor towards this choice, I was always good in chemistry, biology and physics. This would be of great help for me in the course of the future study. I believe my compassion to all the people, especially those ones who suffer from illnesses, will prove my dedication to the medical career. As I currently work for the Cedar Sinai Medical Center as a volunteer, I get a lot of experience communicating with ill people. I learnt a lot from the patients whom I help, and I believe it will be extremely helpful for me in the future. Learning the aspects of the job from the inside will be more than helpful to me. I will benefit from it, as I will be one step ahead of my competitors in the search of the job. Besides, I will have more practical experience and skills during my study. This is also supported by my dedication to the career I have chosen.

Concluding, I would like to mention that my intention of getting a degree is primarily based on my will to help people. I would benefit from obtaining a degree and later pay back to my community and the people I will treat as a medical practitioner.

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