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Free Example of Health Organization Essay

In this essay, Banner HealthCare health organization is used as the case study. The essay seeks to assess the readiness of Banner HealthCare in addressing various health care needs of citizens in the next ten years. In addition, the essay will also look at the organization’s strategic plan that will address issues regarding the organization growth, nurse staffing, resource management as well as patient satisfaction.

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Banner HealthCare organization was founded in 1999 as a non-profit health organization in the United States. The organization is situated in Phoenix. The organization runs about 23 hospitals and other healthcare specialized facilities. It is one of the leading employers in Arizona, whereby, it has more than 35000 employees employed. Banner Healthcare provides the following services to people of the United States; hospital care, emergency care, home care, hospice, rehab services, outpatient surgery services and pharmacy services.

Readiness of Banner HealthCare in Addressing Health Care Needs

Every organization should be well prepared to meet its mission both in the short run and in the long run. Banner HealthCare, as an organization, has put up various policies, which are adhered to and are meant to enhance it continued delivery of health care services to its clients. As a non-profit making organization, Banner Healthcare has put measures in place to ensure that it is well prepared to meet growing needs of health care services among citizens of the United States of America in the next ten years.

The organization has departmental officers who are expected to handle matters related to their departments in order to enhance the delivery of services to clients in the next ten years. In addition, the organization has departmental chairs that are responsible for establishing the scope, as well as the type of services that are needed to meet the ever growing needs of various patients and those of the hospital. Departmental chairs also play an essential role in enhancing the preparedness of Banner Healthcare in meeting needs of citizens. The departmental chairs are supposed to provide guidance on various medical policies, as well as making explicit suggestions and recommendations concerning the implementation and development of procedures and policies that guide, as well as support the provision of a number of services that are offered in the department (Hussein and Al-Junid, 2003).

The power that is given to chairpersons of departments enables the organization respond to emergent healthcare needs among American citizens. Departments are in a position to respond to patients’ needs by developing healthcare policies aimed at meeting the emergent needs among citizens. The developed policies will enable the organization deliver services to its clients for the next decade.

As another preparedness measure of meeting healthcare of the growing population, the organization has invested heavily in training its medical staff. The organization is training its staff in order to enhance their skills and levels of knowledge on various medical challenges facing the American population (Institute of Medicine, 2001).

Banner Healthcare has also invested heavily in research and expansions of its facilities to meet needs of citizens. It has in place a research and expansion program that is going to be implemented in phases. This program puts the organization in a position that it will be able to provide various healthcare services to citizens of the United States of America within the period of the next ten years.

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Banner HealthCare Organization Strategic Plan

Banner Healthcare as a nonprofit making organization has a strategic plan in place that is used as a tool for guiding the organization towards the attainment of its core mission, goals and objectives. The organization has the following strategic plan;

  • Growth of the Organization

As a non-profit organization, Banner Healthcare management has a policy in place, whereby, 30% of income realized from operations of the organization is invested back. By so doing, the organization has shown tremendous growth and, consequently, improvement in its service delivery (Jakab and Preker, 2003). Funds are used in purchasing of new equipment, upgrading the existing equipment and expansion of building facilities in order to meet the growing number of patients.

  • Nurse Staffing

The organization has a policy in place, whereby, it employs a given number of nurses to enhance service delivery in all its 35 hospitals and healthcare centers. This plan is aimed at ensuring that the organization has enough nurses to meet the ever-growing need of medical and healthcare services of citizens.

  • Resource Management

The organization has in place a department that is supposed to enhance the use of resources. The department is responsible for ensuring that both human and capital resources within the organization are used efficiently and effectively (Hood, 1991). The organization usually employs services of auditors to audit books of account as a measure of ensuring that its finances are secure.

  • Patient Satisfaction

As a measure of enhancing patient satisfaction, the organization has put in place a feedback mechanism. In this feedback mechanism, patients are expected to rate services that they receive from various hospitals under the organization. The benchmark helps management in improving levels of service delivery in order to ensure the patient satisfaction.


In conclusion, Banner HealthCare organization has an excellent strategic plan which, when adhered to, will ensure the quality service delivery to patients. In addition, the organization will be in a position to meet healthcare needs of patients for the next ten years.

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