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Free Example of Hotel Casablanca Essay

Welcome to home away from home, heaven on earth- Hotel Casablanca!

The management and staff of Hotel Casablanca are eager to host you and your affiliate group to the city’s most prolific hotel. The immeasurably hospitable and extremely versatile nature of our establishment is fit to accommodate your requirements as stated in your request. The location of the hotel is within the city allowing you the flexibility of moving around the areas within the city with much ease. This will make your access to the hotspots in which the cultural and entertainment events take place. The staff of our establishment is ever on call for your every requirement for 24 hours every day. This will ensure that your requests are per your requirements and nothing less, may be more. Our hotel has a fitness club that you can use any time of day as you deem fit. The relaxing swimming pool that is built I resort style will undoubtedly blow your mind. The free instant laundry services are a bonus for staying at Hotel Casablanca. The spa will offer the seniors extremely therapeutic entertainment at no cost at all. All these are just but a few of the perquisites that come with residing at our prestigious hotel. The five-star restaurant at the hotel offers a wide range of healthy delicacies cooked by the most prolific chefs in town that will tantalize your taste buds day in out at affordable prices.

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Being a sizeable group as you are, we would appreciate your stay at our hotel by offering you three complimentary rooms and transport services during three days of your liking. A complimentary special meal from our five-star restaurant shall also be organized for you on each of your first three days of arrival; from Friday to Monday. The 25 rooms you require shall be reserved and upholstered for you for the incredible discounted price of $76. Hotel Casablanca is committed in ensuring the gratification of its customers albeit at an affordable price. Please contact us at (xxx) xxx-xxxx in case you need any clarifications or specifications. We hope to hear from you soon.


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