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It is not very easy to become a good writer because it requires plenty of time, practice and patience. To become a writer, you need to be a reader of all sorts of material so that you are able to determine which are good and which ones are not. It will also help you determine the ones you like because they will influence your style of writing. Furthermore, the more you expose yourself to different reading materials, the more you improve your grammar as well as expand your vocabulary. It is good to read form historical to contemporary writers who have written different topics, styles and genres. The vocabulary and grammar that you pick from all these different types of writing will help you give life to your short stories or even poems. It is important to note that good writers normally have very good grammar.

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Good grammar does not imply that you have to use very complex words or vocabulary. It is all that makes the difference between a graceful and translucent one and an awkward and an ambiguous one. Another way of coming up with very good pieces is to write from daily experiences or the things that influence you the most. The bits and pieces form everyday life makes your writing fun and easier and in the end you will find that your writing becomes effective. Another tip for good writing is that you should be well informed of the subject of your choice. If it is cricket for example, you should have information at the tip of your fingers, for example when the game first began, its players and notable things like it.

In summary, writing is a skill that can be learnt but you need to keep writing. This is a discipline that you need to sustain as it will help you be like the writer whose works you admire.

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