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Multifunctional Smartphones

New cutting-edge technologies have significantly changed the modern world and nowadays things that were seen as sci-fi dreams have become an integral part of people’s lives. One of such inventions is smartphones that define our society in three main ways. They globalize it and ease communication, make it simpler to search for information and buy things, but at the same time increase anxiety and addiction among the users.

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Smartphones are extremely multifunctional, so they can be used in almost all spheres of life. According to Bhattacharjee (2019), “More than two billion people around the world now use these devices to navigate, to book cab rides, to compare product reviews and prices, to follow the news”, etc. This diversity has some distinct characteristics – smartphones make all these processes global and quite easy as to compare prices one does not need to go from shop to shop on foot, but use a convenient application that would provide the information from all over the world in a second.

Commercial Use of Smartphone

In addition to the commercial use of smartphones, they changed the way people communicate and it is now much easier to reach a person who lives on the other side of the earth and get a reply in a moment. However, smartphones also made many people dependant on them and the need to check a smartphone for messages or news often turns into an addiction (Valenzuela et al., 2014). Smartphones have become so deeply integrated into the everyday life that people seem to be unable to solve their problems if they do not have a smartphone.

To conclude, it is almost impossible to imagine the contemporary society without the use of smartphones in all spheres of life. They changed the basics of human communication and intensified global commerce. However, they also turned many people into addicts as the use of smartphones often exceeds psychologically safe levels.

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