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Human trafficking is among the problems affecting the security of American citizens. According to the United Nations, human trafficking is coercion or abduction of a person to perform a certain task (US Department of State, 2007). In short, a person is taken unwillingly to perform sex, labor or inhuman tasks. Currently, America is both a destination and a transit for the trade. Human trafficking could be dated back two centuries ago but it was referred to slave trade. However, businesspersons who engage in this trade exploit men, women and children for sex and labor. Approximately, seventeen thousand five hundred people mostly women and children are victims of human tracking in America. Therefore, it is because of this reason, the government and other relevant authorities should put an end to this inhuman act.

Justification for Action

Statistics indicate that more than eighty percent of the victims are taken for sex purposes. The remaining victims are taken for agriculture and domestic labor (US Department of State, 2012). Over the recent past until present, human trafficking is on the rise. Statistics from the Department of State show that the number of victims is on the rise. Additionally, the criminals who engage in this inhuman business are mostly abducting teenage girls (Kristof, 2011). Moreover, this problem is not in America alone, it is around the globe but mainly, in America human trafficking is on the rise. For this reason, solutions and laws to cub this menace need establishment.


The main objectives of the research are trying to find the most effective solution that will eradicate this issue. In this case, several strategies to solve the problem will be discussed and giving rise to recommendations on the most suitable method to solve the problem. In this case, new laws for prosecuting the perpetrators and the customer who ensure continuity of the business are going to be established. Secondly, the victims of human trafficking need help. Therefore, there is a need of establishing ways to help innocent victims heal from scars left by human trafficking. Finally, the research is meant to reach all the authorities involved and educate the public.


In order to achieve the set objectives, certain steps and strategies should be followed to make the research a success. A thorough research on the web relating to human trafficking would be an excellent place to begin. Second, a visit to the relevant authority available to find what they are doing to eradicate human trafficking and helping the victims is going to be done. Finally, all the materials collected are going to be evaluated to come up with better solutions to the problem.

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Key Personnel and Target

The first key personnel are the government authorities. The main target is to show them the magnitude of the problem. Secondly, government authorities need to be made aware of solutions that are working for other countries. The other key personnel are the public. People need to be made aware of the problem. Additionally, people need to know how the perpetrators are coercing their victims for purposes of preventing themselves.


The recommendations need to be given a duration of one year to evaluate whether they are working. This is where all the authorities will be educated together with the public. After, actions should be taken. All this will take place in a span of one year where results will be realized either positive or negative.


Statistics from the Department of State and the United Nations are going to be analyzed. If the number of victims being saved is on the rise and the number of people taken is reducing, it means that the recommendations are working indicating success. If it is vice versa, flaws to the recommendations should be analyzed to create new measures.

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