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Hybrid automobiles are becoming more popular owing to the rising cost of gasoline as well as the swift move to attempt and to save the environment. Most of the hybrid cars being built are a complete replica of gas fuel vehicles and it is often difficult to distinguish between the two. Even though Hybrid cars are yet to be popular among car buyers, they are more likely to gas-only fuelled vehicles. This paper will spotlight on the various types of hybrid cars that are in the market, their respective advantages and disadvantages, the impact of hybrid cars to the environment as well as to the United States both politically and economically.  A hybrid vehicle refers to a car that relies not only on the internal combustion, but also on batteries that powers the generator required drive the wheels of the car. Depending on their way of operation, hybrid cars can be classified into; hydraulic hybrids, plug-in hybrids, assist hybrids, mild hybrids and full hybrids (Brown, 2011).

Gas hybrid automobiles are the most admired green vehicles in the United States. This type of automobiles usually has an in-built ignition engine as well as an electric motor which gives extra strength to the engine. Although there are various hybrid automobiles in the industry, only a number of them are popular owing to their fuel effectiveness. The Toyota Prius is certainly the hybrid vehicle to beat, for this year’s model. Although the Prius is mostly refereed to as “unattractive” by numerous vehicle purchasers, Toyota upheld that the automobile is intended to lessen the haul which will subsequently make the motor vehicle more sleek hence cutting down on fuel utilization. The status of the Prius is apparent in the fact that almost 50% of hybrid cars advertised in the United States car market are Priuses. The car has by now acknowledged several medals because of its fuel effectiveness and considerably smaller greenhouse gas discharges. It has been classified to have a mileage ranking of 55 mpg collectively. With Toyota Company presenting the Prius with additional upgrading, it appears that the hybrid automobile would be appropriate for me and my family (Davis, 2010).

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The biggest possible danger to the Prius brand is the hybrid edition of the Honda Civic. Since the Civic hybrid is as fuel resourceful as the Prius model, its tiny size makes it less attractive than the Prius. Consequently, the Prius' business transactions are advanced than the Civic hybrid sales. With the exception of the Prius, the Civic hybrid is as well rivaling with the conservative Civic. For numerous automobile consumers, they would somewhat purchase the usual gas-powered Civic which is acknowledged for its fuel efficacy than squander extra cash for a hybrid edition of the Civic (Ellen, 2009).

In accordance with hybrid automobile specialists, the third greatest hybrid vehicles are the Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Nissan Altima Hybrid. These two hybrid automobiles are excellent to possess owing to the reality that they do not have the strange outline of the Prius or the tiny inside of the Civic. Both the Camry and the Altima hybrids offer excellent internal room and ideal fuel efficiency. Nissan's individual hybrid vehicle was set up and scheduled to be made public by 2010. In the meantime, the Altima Hybrid is proving to be a perfect alternative for automobile consumers in quest of spacious and conservative-looking hybrid motor vehicles. The Camry hybrid, alternatively, also offers a superior internal room and simultaneously trims down fuel utilization. These cars are identified to guzzle extremely small amounts of fuel in relation to the usual gas-only automobiles, even those outfitted with Haynes aftermarket components (Ellen, 2009).

The Ford Escape Hybrid might currently be regarded as the fifth finest hybrid cars. For those individuals who particularly prefer to drive SUVs and are apprehensive regarding the environment, the hybrid adaptation of the Escape is a perfect preference. This car utilizes its electric motor for urgent situation energy requirements; therefore sparing the locomotive from consuming additional petrol. In the vehicle business, hybrid automobiles are one of the primary technologies set up to generate additional fuel resourceful cars. With involved electrical power invention, the vehicles are amongst the most fuel resourceful when it comes to fossil fuel utilization (Friedman & Yost, 2006).

With any latest technology, nevertheless, some financial implications ought to be taken consideration. While demand is on the rise for hybrid vehicles, the technology must become more economical, particularly for successive model years. Although it is improbable that costs will reduce considerably, prices possibly will not raise either, since the automobiles will become extra resourceful to manufacture. This will, in due course, bring about more economical hybrid vehicles. Eventually, reasonably priced hybrid automobiles could offer a large progress to the ailing vehicle business (Nerad, 2007).

Conceivably, the division of the financial system likely to make more loses owing to the monetary effect of hybrid vehicles is the energy segment. The Wall Street Journal, in 2009, initially announced that energy businesses were getting alarmed that the requirement for fossil fuels, particularly oil, could have climaxed not only due to a slow financial system, but also due to hybrids and other vehicle technologies in the formula of being manufactured. In such a situation, these businesses may have to discover new ways of providing energy, apart from merely putting unrefined crude oil for sale, if they are to carry on. In nations that are making attempts to reduce effluence and pollution, it could cost extra to possess any car other than a hybrid vehicle. Consequently, if you are staying in another region with a toxic waste predicament, a hybrid vehicle may perhaps be the best option for you (Hetzer, 2007).

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