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It is a Friday night. I and my fellows, who are by the way congressmen, are as usual having a cup of tea at Denny’s place. In such atmosphere, we prefer to discuss some of the burning issues affecting our country. The problem concerning an increased number of illegal immigrants in today’s America is very relevant. Thus, we found ourselves considering how open the borders of our country should be. Illegal immigrants have brought a great deal of economic growth in America. Moreover, this issue has sparked a discussion among us, just like the hot tea which easily finds its way into our bodies to produce the much heat.

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I have been thinking lately (She pauses)…..about the illegal immigrants living here with us and those who are crossing the border every day. There are more than twelve million illegal immigrants in America. Deporting twelve million immigrants is not practical, and, in any case, this is the only home they know, considering that many of them have been born, raised, and educated here. The best way to accommodate them is  legalizing their stay here.


Well, Chavez, it is true that these people have to be accommodated in some way, but the problem is how to accommodate them and prevent more illegal immigrants from getting    into the country.


The ones already living in the country should be granted citizenship on condition that they learn English and embrace the American identity. It is reasonable to note that Latinos are starting vibrant businesses here in America, and this is quite good for this country.


As much as you talk about the advantages the illegal immigrants have brought to this country, it is essential to look at the threats they bring. For instance, illegal immigrants from terrorist countries will bring insecurity to the citizens, thus they should not be entirely open to anybody who wants to become….. (I am cut short by Feinstein).


… The issue of threats from ill motive immigrants can be resolved by enhancing border  through increasing personnel working at the border. The border fence along the America-Mexico border should be increased to reduce areas in the south that are  porous.             


We can do without the immigrants, however. Thus, the borders should be tightly guarded to prevent any of them from accessing this land.


I think that America cannot do without the immigrants, as many of them take up the opportunities that the people of America do not want to take. For instance, in the agricultural sector, the biggest workforce is from the immigrants. Farmers cannot farm without this workforce. The only way to protect such sectors from falling is by allowing the immigrants to live forever here on conditions that they pay a $2,000 fine, learn English, remit all back taxes, and are evaluated as neither a criminal nor as a national security threat.


The groups of immigrants that are not to be allowed in this country are those that come to do business, never pay taxes, do not insure their vehicles, and the ones that do not  want to uphold the rules that were played by our families when they immigrated in this country. It can be controlled by increasing the birth rates of the citizens, so that we get enough labor force required to run all sectors of our economy.


The borders should only be open to the people that we require. For instance, if we require ten million literate Asians, we should not allow in ten million illiterate peasant Asians in the country. We should not totally lock out immigrants since they are of cheap labor, but rather, regulate how they cross the border.

Considering the issue of immigration, it is obvious that our borders are open to anyone who wishes to be American. Thus, soon our country would not have a common culture, language or dream. Nevertheless, the immigrants are crucial to our country. Therefore, it is essential for us to put up policies that sieve out only the immigrants that we require and keep off those coming to take advantage of our resources. Such a measure would curb illegal businesses and allow people with brilliant motives to get into the country (Elbert 234). The illegal immigrants, however, have to be legalized through a given procedure, so that we do not lose the needed workforce that is essential for the growth of the American economy.

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