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Free Example of Informed Consent Essay

Informed consent is an official process to make sure that a patient is well informed about every risk and cost entailed in a treatment. The components of informed consents involve informing the patient of the characteristic of the treatment, possible substitute treatments, and the possible risks and advantages of the treatment. The consent is considered official when it is given willingly and it should be written in a language and form that is clearly understood by the parties concerned. The subject should not appear to waive the legal rights involved.

Considering Sally’s case, she has an emergency situation as the doctor says. The emergency room physician establishes that Sally has acute appendicitis and requires surgery. Sally dose not respond the questions fully. The healthcare provider is instructed by the surgeon to get the informed consent without discussing the proposed surgery with the parents or Sally.

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As a health care provider, I would go ahead and prepare Sally for the surgical procedure as the doctor says without discussing the proposed surgery with the parents or Sally. This is so because there are certain situations where the informed consent rule is exempted. In this case, Sally’s situation needs an emergency medical care immediately so as to avoid serious or irreversible harm. Something has to be done to save the situation. Like for her case, the rupture of the inflamed organ. I would do as the doctor says because Sally’s parents would be incompetent to give permission for the supposed surgery yet the situation needs immediate medical attention. Sally is an emancipated minor which means she is considered an adult legally. I would do this with confidence because the procedure will be done using the code of acknowledged or implied consent, where one uses professional ruling to do what is best for the patient and save life.

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