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Free Example of Innovation and Sustainability Essay

Innovation refers to the creation of improved products, services, processes, ideas, and technologies that are acceptable to the government, society, and the market. Sustainability is the ability to maintain responsibility that has economic, social, and environmental dimensions over a long period. Sustainability accommodates stewardship as a key component. Human beings have tried and are still trying to come up with better means of production and consumption that would ensure sustainability of the natural resources that exist. The two specific production habits that are considered material resources include agriculture and green building while the consumption habits include trees and animals.

This essay explicates the specific production and consumption habits that are considered natural resources by human beings.

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Agriculture is one of the key specific production habits considered a natural resource by human beings. With the emphasis on agriculture, most individuals have been able to produce a variety of foods that satisfy the demand in the market.  Bensel & Turk (2011) points out that the massive growth in the global population has necessitated the adoption of improved technologies in order to increase the amounts of agricultural products available. Technological developments have seen most farmers adopt the use of pesticides, anti- biotics, and fertilizers that lower the cost of production leading to bumper harvests. Clean agriculture has ensured that there is environmental preservation and improvement in the amounts of foods supplied to the fat-growing populations around the globe.

Another production habit is green construction. Green construction refers to the setting up of structures through processes that are environmentally efficient. Through these processes, there is effective use of resources in order to ensure that there is no depletion. The principal objective of green building is to ensure that there is reduced impact on the environment in which the building is set up. This helps protect human health and the existing natural environment in the area of construction. Human beings have adopted green construction as a production habit because it ensures that there is efficiency in the use of energy, it reduces the disposal of wastes, ensures better use of water, protects human health, and ensures that there is reduced environmental degradation.

Human beings relate the consumption habits on animal products to material resources. Animals have played an instrumental part in the delivery of different products that are consumed by human beings. Bensel & Turk (2011) assert that these products include meat, milk, hides, skins, and tusks. Humans beings can kill the animals directly and acquire the kind of meat they require such as beef or pork. Furthermore, they can acquire additional products such as oil used for cooking oil from the pig’s pork. On the other hand, they consume other animals’ products like eggs and milk. Thus, animals are a cheap source of consumption that naturally provide human beings with vital resources to satisfy various needs.

The consumption of trees and their products is also related to material resources. Human beings have planted different trees that produce various products. Some of the trees that are consumed occur naturally and offer a myriad of products. Trees have been consumed for shelter, fruits, security against strong winds, timber production, and industrial uses. UNEP (2010) points out that effective production with consistent replacement has ensured that they are continuously available and continues to offer these vital products and services to human beings. Therefore, trees have formed a natural consumption habit among human beings.

Various efforts need to be considered in order to ensure that these production and consumption meet the large global population. Firstly, technologically efficient means have to be introduced in the agricultural sector. This would include technologies that would ensure faster maturity and resistance of crops to diseases.  According to UNEP (2010), all governments and authorities should adopt forest conservation measures in order to ensure that there is sustainability of the global population. The availability of trees would ensure that harsh climatic conditions are eliminated, and individuals are reaching their satisfaction levels. Lastly, efforts should be focused on the preservation of the existing ecosystems in order to ensure that there is no interruption in these consumption and production habits.

In conclusion, nature has ensured that human beings adopt effective means of production and consumption. Human beings have related green construction and agricultural production habits to natural resources. In addition, they have related the consumption habits on trees and animals to natural resources because of the natural means through, which they acquire essential products. 

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