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The International Association of Schools of Social Work is one of the biggest worldwide organizations, which deals with social work educators and programs. It provides methods and requirements to those, who are involved in the social work in schools internationally. IASSW was established in order to develop social work education in different countries throughout the globe. It has relatively long history and has gained a reputation of a highly qualified and supporting organization, which helps social workers to provide the appropriate programs. According to the research, it offers different options to the world educational institutions, such as: encourages international exchange of students through different programs and standards. It is also known as the international association, which promotes human rights, provides forums and conferences with the aim to encourage social work research and scholarship.

The First International Conference of Social Work, which was held in Paris in 1928, was a starting point of the International Association of Schools of Social Work. Initially, only fifty one schools were the members of this association, which were located mainly in Europe. After the Second World War and the foundation of the United Nations Organization, the IASSW was changed. During that time, the world politics began to change rapidly. Different changes have been occurred in the people`s life, societies, conscience, politics, and economy. It was the beginning of the globalization of the world economy, politics, social, work, and education among others. Thus, this new approach to the relations between different countries was the reason to expand the number of membership countries in the IASSW. Today, the International Association of Schools of Social Work comprises a great number of schools and learning institutions in all continents, and it has 5 regional organizations in the United States of America and Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific as well as Latin America.

It is worth noting that in July, 2012 newly elected officers started their work in the association. Vimla Nadkarni, from India, was elected as the President of the IASSW.  Tetyana Semigina, from Ukraine, was elected as the Secretary of the IASSW.  Members at Large, Board of Directors were Prof. Yongxiang Xu, from China, and B.R. Nikku, from Nepal. Working with the United Nations, they contribute a lot in the development of social work education. International Projects Committee IPC Report, which was made on January 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia underlined that in 2011 there were many successful projects, more than in the previous years. 6 best projects were as follows: Strangers at home and abroad, which deals with migration and social work; An exploration of international innovation in service user involvement across 3 countries (Ireland, Spain and Slovenia); Philosophical basis of SW education and faculties in Asia; A comparative study on perspectives on non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors of social work students in USA, Cyprus, and Jordan; Global perspectives on health inequalities research into social work education.

The projects that were mentioned above made a contribution into the development of new programs with the aim to improve the IASSW consultation and operation. For example, they have improved various educational systems, globally agreed standards of the world educational system and global diversity among others. The important issues of the International Association of Schools of Social Work are also citizenship practices: human rights, transnational identities and social justice. The successful work of the IASSW encourages educators, students and social workers that that the association is the great force of change throughout the world. Many experts consider that it gives a broad range of opportunities. Moreover, the IASSW  helps people to overcome isolation, to become more aware to appreciate each other, and gives access to students to study internationally.

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