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I have been working in a hotel for few years. During my career, I have gone through many phases; some of which were good while some were unpleasant. From all these experiences, I have learnt many positive things which would help me in my future career in hotel management. Here, I want to quote one of the experiences with the guest which was not pleasant initially but turned positive after a while. The hotel guest was a difficult client to manage. He placed an order for the meal at the counter. In the hotel policy, it was mentioned that it would take 10 minutes to make the delivery of order. The guest was quite difficult and hasty that he started to make noise in the hotel area for not delivering the order. Initially, I tried to handle the situation calmly but it became difficult when the guest started to shout. At that time, my problem solving skills helped me for resolving the situation. I handled the guest with the care and also made apology to him.  The guest was so difficult that he was not ready for only apology so I offered him free meal to retain the customer as he was an old customer of the hotel. At last, the guest calmed down and the situation became under control. This was a bad experience initially that turned to be positive for my care. After this service, many other hotel employees contacted me for giving them tips to handle the small babies while working. My manager was also happy with me because of low customer complaints. I developed the skills of managing people in difficult situations. Although this guest was an old guest of the company, yet he did not tolerate a break in service of the company.

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From this concept, I learnt that whatever the situation is, the highest priority is to serve the customers in effective manner.  My old job experiences have strengthened my strengths and skills and reduced my weaknesses. In this way, I have become a suitable candidate for the job posted. My management skills have improved during my job career. I can say that in future, I can work on hotel management post in effective manner.

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