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Islamic architecture includes an extensive variety of both worldly and spiritual styles from the establishment of Islam to the present day, persuading the plan and building of buildings in the culture of Islam. Out of the much architecture brilliance shown by Islamic people, two have a different significance which is the Alhambra and Taj Mahal. (Wikipedia)


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One of the universally considered masterpieces of Spanish-Moslem art is the Alhambra. It is fully equipped just like the famous palaces had to be cosseted from various enemies whether big or small. But the walls are not strong enough to prevent an invasion which is considered as war.

The construction of Alhambra began in 1248, but in 1279 and in 1306 it had to be enlarged twice. Its decoration is its main magnificence. Beautiful and diminutive patterns having Arabic characters and vines are interlaced into a frame of gold, black, blue and red which beyond description.

The Alhambra was believed to be the place of the Moorish kings. The wall surrounding the Alhambra is almost a mile in length and at its peak; the Alhambra could have hold almost forty five thousand soldiers at a time. The Sierra NevadaMountains covered with snow forms a delightful scene when seen from the Alhambra and the entire situation is of great beauty. For nearly 300 years, the Moors held a stronghold on the Alhambra in Spain and used to fight their enemies.

The famous areas of the Alhambra are: The Hall of Ambassadors, The Hall of Justice, The Tower of Canaries, The Court of Lions, The Gate of Justice, The Court of Alberca, The Court of Myrtles, not only these but the many balconies, chambers, towers, fountains, gardens and panoramas also grace the Alhambra with beauty.

The palace inside is a part of the Alhambra fortress. Its walls are full of towers which elongate sporadically around the ridge of a hill. Externally it is a boorish flock of battlements and towers made without a plan. It does not show a grace of architecture brilliance and gives very little attractiveness and elegance which reign inside.

The courtyards are of reasonable size. Most of the decoration done is in tiles and rest in plaster but the arithmetical outlines are loaded in dazzling color and the entire effect is one of luxury and extravagance. (Irving, Washington pg 1-20).

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