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Expert level understanding of access control concepts, including RBAC/ABAC, DAC/MAC, etc.

The applicant added system users and credentialed entities as required and provided operational support to system users and Gateway PKI customers by connecting the PKI system to remove or accept systems to the existing configuration of the PKI network. She was in charge of tracking and closing trouble tickets using Remedy Trouble ticket.

Expert level awareness of Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) concepts

She provided the agency verification and confirmation of circuit delivery to allow issuing of the In Effect Reports to DISA indicating any circuit acquisition has been completed. She also created and certified identities or credentials for designated users and servers in a bid to ease the management of access to IT solutions by users.

Expert level knowledge of directory services implementations, especially MS Active Directory

She implemented and supported PKI solutions based on multiple CA platforms such as Entrust, and Microsoft. In this regard, she was responsible for maintenance on Microsoft Active Directory server environment that supports printing and file sharing among other softwares or programs.

Expert level experience with LDAP-based border directory implementations

She was responsible for taking the users through the steps used to determine problems with LDAP. She has knowledge in PKI CA, MS Active Directory, SQL, LDAP structure, AD knowledge on databases and also issued DOD certificates on Siprnet and Niprnet. She offered support to technical support of PKI development by testing ongoing activities.

Strong technical understanding of smart card authentication concepts and requirements

Ms. Holland has an expansive experience in smart card processing, programming, secure storage and how Microsoft products support smart card production. She has been involved in the universal support for Windows through smart cards as well as hardware and application interoperability.

Strong familiarity with metadirectory solutions, especially MS Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)

The applicant is aware that complicated systems always pose the challenges of common identity, password resets, security risks to the organization and less productivity as employees struggle with systems. She has 5 years experience in FIM 2010 R2 through MS BHOLD.

Strong familiarity with modern cyber security concepts

Using Microsoft CA and RSA Keon, she was able to manage digital certificates. Specifically, the applicant wrote and reviewed Security Concept of Operations (SECONOPs) and System Security Plans (SSPs). As a security engineer from 2006-2008, she provided third tier trouble resolution tickets related to X.509 PKI certificates. She installed new hardware for entire system and locked down systems on the basis of DISCAP requirements.

Strong familiarity with government Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process

The applicant has considerable amount of experience in cloud computing. She delivered created identities to users via the electronic mail system of the cloud computing initiative. The applicant has been involved in ensuring that the cloud computing apps used by the government are secure, cheap and cost-effective.

Advanced knowledge of systems engineering principles, methods, and techniques

The applicant performed critical engineering support to such as integrating DOD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Identity Protection and Management within the department’s networks. She administered large-scale active-passive cluster with Microsoft SQL 2000 Enterprise Server, and Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2000 Enterprise Server. She also notified the central help desks of those customers who could not receive messages, and track these to closure, ensuring message delivery or redelivery when customer systems are restored. She was responsible for providing application engineering and integration support for managed PKI and Identity Management client services.

Knowledge and experience in security disciplines

The applicant maintained integrated Public Key (PK) which enabled solutions geared towards protecting sensitive data and systems.  She also ensured the physical protection of the hardware and the people working under her.

Expert professional knowledge and experience of information systems security policies and practices, computer science, state-of-the-art security tools and applications, and a thorough knowledge of IT

She analyzed the end-to-end circuit life cycle utilizing existing data. She was also responsible for isolating, evaluating and managing the stakeholder and all parties involved prerequisites to determine the requirements. She provided direct support to agencies and stakeholders and maintained receipts and management of TSRs, TSOs and Status of Acquisition Messages (SAMs) from DISA.

Knowledge of DoD/IC system security control requirements

Ms. Holland also has a lot of knowledge in development, documentation, implementation and evaluation of the security and effectiveness of systems. She has closely studied how the DoD seeks to use IS to enhance physical on online security of citizens.

Knowledge and experience with XACTA

Ms. Holland also has over a decade’s knowledge in risk management through information systems. She ordered, tracked and managed delivery of circuits to the technical specifications of the department.

Program and project manager skills

From March 2010 to-date, Ms. Holland has been a NJVC – Circuit Management Project Manager while in 2006, she was a MSD – Senior Security Engineer for 3 months before the contract was cancelled. Throughout her career, the applicant has gained immense skills in management including how information systems could be used to track project progress.

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