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Think about how you would describe yourself to someone you have never met. On each box below, write a single-word description. You can add more boxes if needed.

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Five most essential descriptors

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  • Amazing and
  • Temperamental

A Diary Entry Regarding Why I am Using the Above Descriptors

19th January, 2012

Dear diary,

Today was an extremely challenging day as I encountered betrayal that I had not experienced before. I was in a temperamental mood because of what my pretentious friends accused me of committing.

My friends advanced that I was behind their failure as a group despite them believing in my talent, to finish the school project on time. In addition, my friends asserted that they had bestowed me with the task of completing the assignment as they trusted my strictness when it comes to dealing with academic matters. However, since I had misplaced the assignment paper and was bold enough to tell them, they were utterly disillusioned and abused me for causing them to lose marks.

I have to do the assignment now, which makes my friends think that I am amazing for sacrificing to do all the work again by myself and swallowing my pride to offer them an avowed apology. I have to finish the assignment now because I am supposed to hand it in tomorrow.

Journal Entry II


Success refers to the stage of social status that a person has at the moment. Thus, a person can have a high social status or low social status, which means that the person with a high social status is the one who has achieved or succeed in comparison to that with a low social status. Success also entails the realization of a person’s objective. This means that a person who does not complete his task or achievement has not succeeded.

How My Success will Benefit Me

My success will benefit me both socially and academically. In terms of social satisfaction, success will benefit me because it will facilitate my interaction with influential people in society. In addition, my success will enable me make more friends as I will be inclined to help the less fortunate in society or those that need my help. Academically, success will enable me to secure a job of my dream and ascend the cooperate ladder. In addition, my success will make me be eligible to pursue more courses that might interest me in the future; thus, my success will enable me to gain more knowledge. Lastly, my success will benefit me bacause I will be a reknowed member of the society.

How My Success will Benefit The Society

Firstly, my success will benefit the society as I will motivate young members of the society to achieve their potential in various dreams they pursue. Secondly, the society will benefit as I will initiate different development projects that will benefit the society as a whole. A development project that I might initiate include construction of a recreational facility.

My Legacy

My legacy will involve an inspiration of many people to achieve their dreams through academics. This is because I aspire to get degrees in various fields. Secondly, my legacy will involve myriad friends, who will remember me because of my generosity and inspiring nature. Thirdly, the society will also remember me for contributing significantly through various projects such as bursaries for students who cannot raise fees and construction of recreation facilities.           

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