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Justice is the quality of being just, conformity to the principles of righteousness and strict performance of the moral obligations.  This essay presents the some new policies, especially those which involve a change in the existing laws that can be applied to achieve the effective justice.

Policies for achieving effective justice

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The following are the recommendations that lead to the effective justice. The first one is the legal representation relating to the collateral consequences. This policy helps the defenders to in advising their clients about the collateral outcomes of conviction. It also enables the prison and even the parole officers to advice the offenders about ways through which they may get a relief from the collateral consequences (Aertesen I. 2004)

The second policy is the training in the exercise of discretion which implies that all the professionals in the justice system such as the prosecutors, judges, parole officers and the probation get involved in the training that improves their understanding in matters related to the discretion exercises.  These training exercises are supposed to be credited towards the persistent education program requirements.

The third one is the access to and the use of the criminal history information for non- law enforcement purposes. This policy requires that the jurisdictions develop the standards that maximizes the reliability of the reporting system records and allows the individuals to challenge the accuracy of those records.  The policy also enables the jurisdiction to come up with the standards for the effective control of the records. Finally, this policy enables the jurisdictions to develop some important policies that limits the access to the criminal history records tor the non law enforcement purposes (Biebesheimer C. and Mejia F. 2000)

The forth policy is the improvement in the probation and parole supervision through which the jurisdiction develops better suitable sanctions for the violation of probation. It implies that the non criminal violations results to imprisonment only in situations where one is involved in repeated violations and the previous sanctions have not been effective.

The last is the employment and licensure of the people with criminal records. This enables the government agencies to employ the persons with convictions. Also, it proposes that the jurisdictions partners with private employers to establish job opportunities for the persons with criminal records (United Nations Publications. 2000)

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