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According to the assessment of my five languages of love, I scored highest in Words of Affirmation. Therefore, this is my primary language of love with a score of 10 out a possible 12 marks. The result of this is the need for constant knowledge of what the other party of a relationship thinks or ruminates about via verbal means. This settles my conscience as it provides an avenue for commitment to admission to various facts and opinions in a relationship. The insecurity that comes with having a relationship without communication supersedes any problem that a relationship can have for me. This makes Words of Affirmation my primary language of love.

My secondary languages of love are Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. I scored 8 out the possible 12 marks in Quality Time while Physical Touch followed with 6. Acts of Service followed with a score of 5 and Receiving Gifts end the list with a score of 1. Spending Quality Time got the second highest score because after the admission of commitment via words, time past together reveals the genuineness of the Words of Affirmation. Furthermore, quality time provides time for the significant comprehension of the emotions and workings of the mind of each party of the relationship. Physical Touch comes in Third in my languages of love because I can involve physical interactions with the other party of a relationship after the assurance of commitment in the relationship. This is to avoid being exploited sexually by superficial partners. This comes only after het development of trust via Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. Acts of Service are my fourth language of love because they tend to subject one to the other party of the relationship in situations where one demands for favors in return. In order to avoid the need to repay acts of service offered from other people, this language of love only comes later, or rarely within my relationships. Receiving gifts from persons within a relationship have close to zero significance in my quest for a relationship as they can be mere decoys to lure one into a fruitless relationship.

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My languages are in that order because of the strict means with which I was brought up with that insisted on making the right choices in life. Therefore, the development of trust within a relationship before any other progress s takes root. Knowledge of the other partyís thought and actions is key to the development of this trust. Words of Affirmation, my primary language of love, and spending Quality Time provide excellent avenues to collect such information to be assured to the genuineness of the feeling in a relationship.

I am drawn to persons that speak my language of love because the congruency makes it effortless to build a relationship. The ease and time with which I prefer my relationship to grow will not suffer from the need to rush over things. Therefore, the chances of making a mistake in trusting one with my emotions are extremely slight.

I would like to amplify my use of Acts of Service as a language of love in order to benefit from the relationship in the end. I am a selfless person, and thus I tend to refuse offers of assistance from other people. This makes me suffer alone within relationships despite the fact that relationships mean to reduce the burden of facing problems alone. The hindering factor in the implementation of this objective is the fear of being indebted to someone else because the other party offered help to me. The aim to benefit from the relationships I get into boosts my drive to accept Acts of Services within relationships.

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