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Free Example of Leadership and Followership Essay

Followership is the willingness and the ability of an individual to follow a leader. In order to be an exemplary leader, he or she should be able to follow in an effective manner. Leadership is impossible without followers within any field or sector. Since leadership is an interactive activity, followers and leaders are dependent on each other. It is always advisable for any leader, who intends to hold a leadership position, to know its followers very well.

Any follower should be a positive-minded, and be able to avoid any negative thoughts.  Such follower will always be on the forefront in trying to solve any issues and problems facing him ir her and will always separate the wicked from the grave and see the bright side having the ability to maintain a decent mindset on certain issue. A perfect example of a positive-minded person is that of Billy Jean King who was a tennis player. Every time that she made a mistake and took a wrong swing using her racket while playing tennis, she always tried and gave a correct swing immediately even during televised tournaments. She was able to identify her mistakes and accept them with a positive thought working on it hard and having a perfect result (Kellerman, 2008).

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Good communication skills are vital for a follower as well. It is crucial to communicate and to understand the leader and any other people of the same team. It is also an obligation of a follower to give out the information to leaders as based on that information t leaders are able to make efficient decisions. For example, a student in a class with strong communication skills will approach the teacher or the class perfectly presenting the problems affecting him or the class in general (Seteroff, 2003). At the end, the problem will be solved more easily within a short time.

Loyalty is another demanding characteristic for every follower. Every leader wants a loyal follower in his or her team, which is beneficial for both. It is also important to remember that benefit comes with loyalty (Chaleff, 1995).

Recognizing the existing opportunity and making full use of it is another characteristic for a good follower. Such individual seizes existing opportunities and will always grow. A clear example is the President Obama who was a true follower before, and later was able to seize the existing opportunity and became the President of the United States of America.

Self- belief is a common trait of faithful followers. They have to believe in themselves in order to be able to archive their goal. Ben Carson is a good example of person, who had a very poor start in school, was motivated by his mother and later became the best neurosurgeon of the United States of America.

A staunch follower is a person of a combination of more than one trait. Good followers are able to coexist with their leaders, and, thus, their harmonious work is always maintained. At the same time, the main task of the leaders is to improve the traits and qualities of their followers in order to ensure their successful cooperation.

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