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I wanted to take a break from the boring humdrum of routine at my work place and have some fun. My intention was to have a memorable adventure in an exotic place in the world. Ever since, I was a child, the beauty of the Amazon has always beguiled me. I have heard thrilling stories about the place, and I, therefore, wanted to have my own story to tell to the world. The Amazon rainforest encompasses almost 1.4 billion acres of land across the Amazon basin. 60% of the forest cover is located in Brazil while 13% is in Peru. My friends were also interested in the adventure, and so we all travelled to Peru in a group of five.

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After speaking to our travel agent, she advised us that the best place to visit in Peru’s Amazon basin would be Puerto Maldonado, which is in the South Eastern part of the country. It is famous for the Inkaterra Reserve which has magnificent biodiversity. We arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru, on a Tuesday and departed for Puerto Maldonado at 5.00 am the next morning. The flight took two hours, and forty-five minutes. On arrival, we found Inkaterra Reserve’s staff on standby. They took us to a guesthouse where we had some breakfast. An interesting feature of the Inkaterra Reserve is the Butterfly House where butterflies of all species and breeds are conserved. The butterflies spin together beautifully creating a very delightful sight.

We were going to live in a lodge located in the rainforest which we accessed by boat. The rooms of the lodges in the Inkaterra Reserve are decorated with exotic tastes and flavors. We took a shower and enjoyed Peruvian lunch with our guides. We decided to spend the first day familiarizing ourselves with the flora and fauna around the lodge. We then stood on high-ground and had an impressive view of the Madre de Dios River, one of the tributes of the Amazon. At night, we went for a boat ride along the river. The guide informed us that we would be able to sight alligators, capybaras and owls. We were not lucky on that night, since we only got to see two small alligators.

The second day found us on a boat to the Tambopata National Reserve after enjoying a sumptuous breakfast. Upon reaching the reserve we walked through the forest for almost two hours spotting butterflies and parrots. The guide first took us to The Sandoval Lake, a vivid physical feature in The Amazon basin. We watched monkeys and water birds. The sun was hot and scorching underscoring the importance of carrying sunscreen and clean water for drinking. We waited for the sun to cool down then took a canopy walk in the afternoon. The canopy is a bridge of hanging trees with branches that exceed 28 meters in height. The bridges keep swinging, and people with height phobias cannot endure the experience. Monkeys kept jumping from side to side making the experience very exhilarating. That night we had dinner with the rest of the people at the lodge and we had a great time interacting with them.


Our third and last day on the Inkaterra Reserve was spent on an expedition at the Gaitamana Creek. Our guide took us to the creek by canoe. At the creek, we saw unique breeds of birds, monkeys and insects. On the way back, we padded the canoe. We had a lot of fun splashing water at each other. At one time, the canoe almost capsized, but the guide quickly came to our rescue. We then went back to the lodge using a boat and finally landed in the city of Lima where we clubbed the whole night. We left Lima the next day at noon. I will always have wonderful memories of the excursion at the Inkaterra Reserve. I am intending to visit Africa on my next trip for yet another adventure.

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