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Literacy refers to a situation in which an individual is able to read and write in a comprehensible manner. In my opinion, literacy also includes being knowledgeable, appraised and well-acquainted in a particular field or fields. Thus, literate people are individuals who can read, write and understand various social issues.

For my part, firstly, I would argue that literacy is directly linked to the power structures in the society because literate people usually have the ability to understand and use various symbol systems of the community as well as comprehend the state of affairs in the society, for instance, social structures, economic conditions and political situation. This gives literate people an added advantage and the opportunity to assume leadership roles in the society, hence defining the power structures in the society.

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Secondly, literate people are able to communicate and exchange ideas, skills and knowledge with other people more efficiently than illiterate people. This gives the literate people an ability to gather information and knowledge thus gain competitive advantage over illiterate persons. The information gathered is then used by the literate people to influence various issues such as political ideologies. As a result, the literate people are able to define and institute the power structures that they desire in the society. For example, political leaders usually use their literacy power to amend the constitution, hence enable then to assume leadership of the country.

Thirdly, literacy enables individuals to think critically and creatively. Thus, literate persons are able to analyze various issues and concerns, for example, they can exhaustively analyze poverty levels or economic conditions in the community. This enables them to be able to formulae solutions to such social problems that are faced by members of the community. As a consequence, members of the society consider literate persons as resourceful and useful individuals in the society, thus elect them to leadership positions. This grants the literate people the authority and power to deal with various problems in the society. Consequently, power structures in which literate people assume high profile positions in the society are created.

Fourthly, literacy enables people to acquire high intellectual capabilities through the continuous learning and education. This improves the ability of literate people to handle and synthesize information, express ideas and opinions and make sound decisions. Literacy also increases involvement of individuals in the communal activities. As a result, literate people are able to influence power structures in their favor.

Last but not least, I would argue that literacy enables individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge, for instance, ability to use technologically advanced equipments such as computers. This also gives literate people a competitive advantage over other members of the society, for example, managers in most organizations and political leaders in the community are required to be computer literate. Therefore, literacy is used as a tool for defining power structures in the society.

I would conclude by affirming that literacy has also been used as a fundamental tool for championing social transformation and revolution, including determination and establishment of the power structures in the society.

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