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For decades local parks have been used by families to have a family day out, the children and parents could ride and paddle the boats, fish and some even swim in the parks. As the children become adults, they still enjoy the parks and some such as the Raven Run, where one can hike, walk or run in the arboretum. The local parks provide fun, recreation, education and lifetime memories for families and generations of these families; all these for very little cost. Dues for sports, entry fees for sports and other fees are paid; but more has to be done to rescue the aging parks, for example equipments that are outdated should be replaced (Walls, 2009).

Where the problem occurs

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The recreational sense of the local parks has been ignored by the local authorities. In the past, the local parks were heaven for children because that was the place where fun was. Now all that is left is outdated recreational equipment that cannot be used; moreover, it can cause accidents as well as the trees that give shade for picnics are being destroyed by EAB infestation and the local parks are slowly loosing their sentimental value.

The affected parties

Walls (2009) cited a few challenges, in which the families that loved outdoor activities full of fun and serene are significantly affected. They end up going to noisy malls or restaurants for family outings instead of the serene parks, where it is both relaxing and fun.

Potential solutions

The local parks need more funding than they are getting currently so as to keep them “healthy and running”. The unaffected trees can be prevented from being infested by use of treatment of injecting a pesticide to treat the trees and avoid decimation (Maher, 2009).

Sword (2009) suggests a fundraising campaign by the tree board and foundations to raise funds to help the treatment of the trees in the local parks.

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