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Stress refers to failure of an organism being to respond appropriately to threats. These threats could be physical or emotional. Stress may also be defined as the ability of the body to respond to a stressor. Stressors could be acute or short term (Myers, 2008). The experience of stress in the past magnifies one reactivity of stress i the future. Psychological stress penetrates our body in such a way that it changes our perception about our environment. Stress is important in living creatures and every creature has to find an appropriate way of responding to stress.

Stress may be manifested in human beings through emotional,  physical and general behaviour. In humans, the Mood of the person may change. One may experience restlessness, social withdrawal, irritability, and worry (Capri, 1996). Physical manifestation may be through pain, nausea, dizziness, and diarrhoea among other things. When stress occurs, the body releases adrenaline and through some channels activates HPA axis producing cortisol. The release of the stress hormone ACTH impedes the production of body’s neutral pain relievers (Capri, 1996).

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When one experiences stress, the body reacts by developing a stress response mechanism. When the same person encounters the same stressor, he is able to deal with it appropriately. Some people do resort to stress quick fixes (Myers 2008). This May include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and drugs. These bring the impression that one is relieving tension but this does not offer solutions in the long term.

This research paper used both dependent and independent variables. Information on this research paper was obtained from secondary sources such as hospital reports. Animal tests that involved rats and monkeys were also carried out. A prospective cohort study was also used for this research.

The research was important in establishing the different causes of stress and the best mitigation measures. As much as stress is necessary for living organisms, it may lead to health complications. It is therefore important to know the various methods that one can use to reduce stress.

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