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The purpose of this essay is to write about what Martin Luther King Day means to me. Martin Luther King was one of the most prominent American civil rights activists and his work involved speaking about racial inequality.  What makes him distinctive is that, he used peaceful non-violent methods to campaign for racial equality, thus he won a noble prize for this. His work and speeches towards racial equality were done in America in the 1950’s -1960’s, though his work has been recognized and was influential on an international level. Martin Luther King was broken hearted due to his personal experience of inequality and that of other people from the black community and, decided to speak out against this injustice. His most used slogan “I have a dream” encouraged people not to give up their dreams (Romero, 2010).  

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Dr Martin Luther King Day means a lot to me because his work and  things he did for the humanity across the globe influenced me. Firstly, if it was not for Martin Luther King’s work, things would be pretty much the same today. For example, racial segregation would have possibly continued up to this day. This would mean that people from different races would not interact with each other and I would only be allowed to make friends with people from the same race as me. For instance, in the Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin candidly acquires to know the time when a boy from African American origin will ever ask “Daddy, why do white people treat colored people so mean?". Secondly, I would not be able to learn about other fascinating cultures that exist and would get used to seeing things only from my cultural perspective which would make me a rigid thinker. Finally, I would probably end up becoming prejudiced about other races and not accepting and respecting other people’s differences (Wolfensberger, 2008).

In conclusion, this day means a lot to me as it reminds me of the importance of treating everyone equally despite their race or other differences. Life would also be boring without mingling with different races. Finally, the day reminds me that I should always keep my dream alive no matter what it takes to accomplish it.

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