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Notably, most hospitals in this country have commenced mega projects that strive to improve public health as well as environmental protection. Maryland hospitals have not been left behind in the quest to provide quality services to the public to guarantee that people remain healthy. The most striking initiative of Maryland hospitals is the desire to care for the environment as they care for their patients, which ensures that as hospitals run their operations and activities, they do not compromise chances of the future generations by disposing untreated and harmful toxins to the environment.

Maryland hospitals enjoyed distinct support of the local people who were operating on the grass roots. The Maryland hospitals for a Healthy Environment Initiative were received with a lot of regards by the local population and this profoundly contributed to success of the initiative. People became concerned in the project because it was addressing their entire environment, which is the source of proper health and livelihood for most people. Essentially, administration of Maryland hospitals and staff joined their forces to ensure that success of the initiative was achieved without technical hindrances (Guenther & Vittori, 2007). Staff of Maryland hospitals was dedicated to facilitating health care facilities and hospitals in managing pollution, minimizing generation of hazardous wastes from hospitals, promoting recycling of medical supplies, eliminating mercury, energy conservation, green building and pest management, which is integrated and compatible with hospital conditions.

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The public benefits in significant ways through the initiative of Maryland hospitals of fostering and practicing operations that conserve the environment. Notably, the hospitals’ personnel publish numerous materials and hold programs, which educate the public and other hospitals on the practices that conserve the environment. These people share their encounters with communities regularly on the most effective activities that have the least environmental impacts. The mentioned above objectives are attained through well designed environmental workshops, seminars and conferences, which incorporate people and experts from public and other health facilities.

Department of the Environment (DPE) in Maryland hospitals supported collaboration of the hospitals with other health facilities. The department has funded a project, which aimed at surveying different ways of controlling mercury and PVC discharge to the environment. Audits on the effect of mercury in the environment in Maryland revealed that this chemical is a potent neurotoxin, which can damage brain and central nervous system, spinal cord and other vital organs in the human body. Therefore, the emission of wastes that contain mercury to the environment is extremely dangerous to the health of animals, humans and plants.

Notably, that most medical equipment like thermometers and laboratory reagents contain mercury, which facilitates the working of these equipments. The Maryland hospitals suggested to other hospitals and health facilities various alternative equipments that do not contain mercury. Utilization of mercury-free equipments protects environment in many ways; as practice ensures, mercury from broken equipment does not go to the environment. Further, the audit revealed that PVC waste products from hospitals do not decompose and, therefore, pollute the environment in a huge way. Therefore, the Maryland hospitals campaigned for the replacement of plastic equipments in hospitals with metallic equipments, as well as for the recycling programs for used equipments to minimize plastic wastes. This initiative was cost effective, and most hospitals, health facilities and public individuals could implement it without difficulties. In conclusion, the approach was essential to the campaign on the environmental sustainability and utilization of cost effective and efficient medical care to the patients and public.

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