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Impact of mass media on public interests and concerns. The global public concern today is the deterioration of environment and global warming. It is everyone’s duty to do something to save the world. Well, in today’s society where people are becoming more materialistic, becoming more urban than ever before – there is a need to understand the importance of nature and its impact on our society. For example, pop music has become a part of the modern society. Some believe that impact of music and politics can be both positive and negative (P. 419). The negative aspect is that it encourages people to use drugs and don’t care about the society. However, others think that music generates creativity and helps improve both quality and quantity of life. However, Henry Jenkins in his article, “Education, Media and Violence” argues against blaming the media (P. 441). He proposes that children and adults can think critically can discuss about the impact of popular culture. His main focus is on problem solving and not on media censorship, as it is not possible to restrict media to a certain level.

Despite the negative aspects of pop dreams, we the people of our democratic society can build a bright future ahead by incorporating technological advances, psychological insights to make our lives and dreams more meaningful and make communication, education and quality of life more equal and strong.

Impact of mass media on our perception – decision and action. For the last many years, media influence on the society has grown exponentially. First, the main media sources were telegraph, radio, newspapers and magazines – however, the new age society has seen a dramatic change in the media sources. Television and Internet have become more powerful sources of media channels.

Being members of the society, we depend on information and communication so that we could know about the activities taking place in the society, government and the world. Media covers broad aspects of the society including education, health care, news, and many others. These information are important and vital for everyone. However, the media image has changed a lot over time. Exaggeration could be the right word one can use to define the media image. This change has brought a negative impact on young minds especially childrens and teens. Television commercial advertisements have contributed in people to be more materialistic and the concept of consumerism has popped up. On the other hand, violent films, violent video games have changed the perception of the younger generation and as a result they want to cut themselves from the natural world.

Though one cannot cease the impact of media on the society, but one can definitely take it in a more meaningful way by finding the right solution to cope up with the negative impact of media and accept the positive aspect of the same.

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