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The approach that the media use is the legality aspect of the attacks in the Israeli border and breakage of the international agreements between the two Korean nations. According to these media reports, the legality of Israel’s attack of the vessel full of humanitarian food was justified as far as international law is concerned. According to the Washington Post editorial, the attack was completely consistent with both international and domestic laws governing nations.    

The argument is that this blockade did not happen during the Israel’s entry into Gaza. In fact, it is said that they did not interfere with agricultural land as they hoped that the residents of Gaza strip would find it useful for survival and peace. However, it is significant to note that a similar argument do not have much base with the highlighted conflict between the two North Korea countries. While the legality aspect is being used to justify the Israeli invasions and attacks, it’s this same measure is used to describe the North Korea’s suspected sinking of ship as illegal. In fact, the US media reports clearly indicate that North Korea is breaking an international accord of peace they signed with South Korea to broker peace. In fact, the coverage of these events becomes less prominent when the friendly nation is on the wrong.        

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The propaganda model used by the US media is evident in almost all media outlets. From the evidenced cases from Washington Post, New York Times, CBS News and Fox News’ reporting suggest that they act in the interest of their national government. The wording in reports and legal insinuation suggest that the whole process is skewed in favor of United States’ interest. These biased media reports are not only present in the regional conflicts, but in various aspects of social, economic and political relationship United States has with other countries. The coverage of other nations purported to be against human rights has not been left behind either, as they are branded anti-democracy as long as they are not operating within the superpower’s interest.

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