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Medical errors have been reported to be one of the most significant death as well as injury causative agent on national and international context today. The rate of occurrence of different manifestations of medical errors is under documentation but there is very little information on potential errors that nurses have been able to intercept. It is the duty of nurses and medical practitioners to offer protection against harm to the patients under all cost (Smith & Mishra, 2010).

Prevalence and management of medical errors.

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The cause of the most common medical errors can easily be traced from mistakes that individual people make and they are liable for being penalized for the mistakes. It is important to make considerations of the best approach to manage the errors to prevent their reoccurrence. This may be achieved through the creation of some rules in addition to the establishment of more steps of checking the entire system in an attempt of preventing such errors to occur in the future (Clarke2008).

Factors that mitigate or exacerbate medical error

The adoption of a model referred to as the “Total Quality Management” has been identified to bear significant results in mitigation as well as exacerbating the extent of medical errors in the health care setting. Through the use of this model, there is a possibility of identifying the defects in underlying system that lead to the occurrence of the error. It is also important to consider the disclosure of information to the patient in the instance that any medical error may arise. This is currently a standard practice in majority of the hospitals. It was however feared in the past to disclose any information on medical error to patients due to lawsuits of malpractice that the patients may opt to resort to. Although this may be feared by most physicians, it is an indication of trust in entire healthcare community and may serve as an avenue to correct the situation (Clarke, 2008).

Aspects of the agencies health care delivery system that requires change

Person and system approach are two models that can be used in the management of medical errors. The focus of the personal approach is errors that are caused by an individual, and they are blamed on forgetfulness, moral weakness as well as inattention. The main focus of system approach is the conditions of work. Personal approach attributes the unsafe acts from mental processes that are aberrant including forgetfulness, poor motivation, negligence, recklessness, inattention and carelessness. This can be corrected by taking measures of discipline, litigation threats, and retraining, shaming, naming, blaming and clear procedure. The system approach perceives errors as being consequences more than they are causes

At the time of making the appointment, there was an error in filling the Diagnostic Center Patient information.  The form is supposed to have the patient demographics, primary physician name, referring physician name, insurance information, and exam information. The medical information of Melissa Kain was confused with that one of Mary Kainer. The test involving putting the esophageal pressure tube through Mary’s nose into her esophagus was supposed to be done to Melissa and this was a wrong clinical procedure for Mary who had attended the clinic for a totally different medical complication that was conducted by a different doctor from the one who diagnosed Melissa. All the errors that arose in this case study was as a result of improper documentation and there is a need to correct this situation for the sake of preventing the re-occurrence of the situation in the future.

The point of the occurrence of the breakdown was the stage of documentation where the treatment of Melissa Kain was confused with that one of Mary Kainer. This was consequential to compromising the safety of the patient because the administration of a wrong treatment is a likely cause of the death of the patient. A great harm occurred to the patient because most patients who undergo this type of test experience some discomfort and this was not the test that the patient deserved.

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