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In the Novel Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis views Middle American society as complacent due to their believing themselves as true representation of success. Members of the middle class society in America expected everyone to conform to the societiesí ideas and norms without exploring personís desires and aspirations (Lewis, 1922). Robert and Helen Lynd in 1920s felt that the American society had responded to consumer products with a lot of materialism and this caused them what they could otherwise had saved and to some extents led them to be in debt (Lynd Robert and Lynd Merrell, 1956)†† .

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I agree with Hughes in his argument that an African-American should be an African-American and any aspirations to be otherwise are an attempt to ignore oneís roots. I strongly believe in appreciating who I am first before expecting others to appreciate me. Being ashamed of oneself can lead to living in a world of denial and inferiority complex. Though the official reason given on the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II was national security matters following the bombing of the Pearl Harbor, the unofficial reason that could have led to the internment was racism and prejudices against that Japanese-American citizens (Adams, 2000).

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